Friday, June 12, 2009

Window Shattered in my Honda Minivan

June 16th:
My husband is traveling. He emailed me last night to let me know he'd been in touch with the dealership's service department and that Honda was replacing the window. He did not give me anymore details. So we will give them the benefit of the doubt and believe they chose to do the right thing for the right reasons.

this is not a finished post. I have pictures I need to load, and I am not done finding links. but it is getting to be time to make dinner and I'm kind of an instant gratification kind of person and so I'm going to go ahead and put this out there. For now...

Our area has received an incredible amount of rain this year.  It seems to be a daily event, so we tarped the car before heading to swim practice (by bike) and sure enough it rained buckets.
car under tarp

From inside the car (we put the tarp on and THEN I thought about pictures for the blog.  Such a blog geek!)

This is the second time I've had a Honda Minivan inexplicably loose a window.

We think it switched temperatures too quickly this time, last time the car was less than 6 months old and moving when it happened and that we chalked up to manufacturor error... Interestingly BOTH times the dealership service department told us that it was a rock. The first time it happened I actually pulled out clear packing tape and taped the window and called the local police (and they gave me a written report) and asked them if there was an impact. They both said that based on the pattern of the shatter that there was NOT an impact that even a rock would have a point of impack that started the shatter pattern.

My husband drove my van to the dealer this morning and he pretty much got the same story I got with the first incident.

for kicks I decided see how many instances I could find. Particularly because the folks in the service department always play dumb about it:

my favorite so far:
from car complaints 2006 Honda Odyssey
My Honda Odyssey was parked outside and the back windshield exploded into millions of pieces. After calling to get a quote from a Louisiana Glass the guy Ken tells me this is the third Odyssey this week that the back windshield has exploded. One of the three Odysseys glass exploded twice in one week and the guy was driving when it happened. Glass flew 10 feet inside and outside. Honda is obviously not owning up to there faulty back window and will not cover it under warranty. This is a safety issue and Honda needs to step up.

same page:
I was at a red light with 2 cars in front of me. As the light turned green and I moved from brake to the gas pedal, I heard a loud pop. All of the sudden the windshield just shattered into tiny pieces. Nothing had hit the windshield. I brought my car to Pacific Honda (San Diego) to have the Service Manager look at it but it was like talking to a service apprentice. He took one short look at it and said it was not covered under warranty. My car is a 2006 Odyssey with 8,000 miles.

John of Clarksville, VA April 27, 2009

My wife and I were driving in perfect weather, light traffic, boom! My driver's side sliding glass door glass imploded. No evidence of foul play. Honda refuses to cover under warranty. This has been the worst Honda we have ever owned. Rattletrap since day one, ten service visits without resolution and now this.
Read more:

april 7, 2009 I was driving on Santa Monica Blvd and Van Ness when I noticed my rear window was fogged up so I turned on my defroster and the rear passengers smelled something burning then I opened my driver's window and a few seconds later after that, the rear window exploded. we thought someone shot a bullet into my car or that a bomb went off.

I immediately called the police after parking my car and they came in minutes. after examining all the information i gave them as to what happened, they determined that there was no gun shots or bombs, but that the window burst due to a short circuit from the car itself. Three weeks prior, my rear window shattered after I turned on the defroster, but I thought it was due to vandelism because I didn't realize that the defroster had anything to do with it.
Read more:

I was driving along the freeway, no other cars were around and I wasn't going under an overpass, when I heard a loud pop. I slowed down then felt a draft through my moonroof shade. I pulled back the shade and my moonroof had a large hole in it and was shattered. I took my 2008 Accord to Honda the next morning where they took pictures and submitted them to the district manager. The district manager concluded that the break was caused by a rock that hit 3-4 days prior and then the recent cold temperatures in Phoenix caused it to break.

There is no way to prove or disprove the rock theory, but I don't recall hearing any rocks hitting my car recently. I have family that live in North Dakota and no one that I know there has had any issues with windows shattering and they do have frigid temperatures. I think Honda could at least come up with a probable reason as to the shattering because 40 degree temperatures shouldn't cause things like that. I feel that it is very poor of Honda not to consider a factory or manufacturing flaw in this matter. The whole thing seems like a safety issue to me, if the shade had been open, I could have been hurt. Moonroofs should be designed to withstand rock chips as are other windows on cars
Read more:

purchased a 2008 honda accord ex that apparently has several manufactering defects. for instance, windshield suddenly cracks after the defrost was turned on, back brakes worn prematurely, noisy cabin

replaced at customers expense
Read more:

I went into work and parked right by the side entrance, at 10:30a the facilities guy came out and told me my back window had shattered. before i went into work the back window was fine and in a matter of 3 hours it had completed shattered into numerous little pieces. I called Honda in San Diego Mission Valley adn they were extremely rude= offering no help to find someone to help me and said a back window would never shatter unless it was hit VERY hard. i think its a defect in the glass- or due to the defrost because i had it on that morning due to fog from a rain.

i had to get it replaced- 430.00 and Honda was so rude and unhelpful. why do i have a warranty??
Read more:
I closed my passenger door this morning and the big long window on the passenger side shattered. The dealer said the only way that would or could have happened is if someone repeatedly slammed the door. No one has slammed the door once let alone repeatedly, in fact I closed the door rather gingerly this morning, imagine my surprise. I don’t know what I expected them to say. Anyway, what is that window called, quarter glass?
Monique of Avenel NJ (7/6/03):
On August 24, 2002 I leased a brand-new 2002 Honda Accord Coupe LX. I was so excited, but I didn't know what I was in for! I didn't have much to complain about except for a few creaks and rattles when going over bumps and cheap tires but besides that nothing major. That is until sometime in early April when I came home, parked my car, went in the house and took a nap. Three hours later I woke up to find my neighbors watching my rear windshield shattering into millions of pieces, although the glass itself was still in place. It hadn't fallen through yet.
Read more:
On June 5, 2003 at about 7am I started my car and turned on my rear defrost because it was raining and my windows were foggy. Immediately after turning on my rear defrost I heard that oh too familiar cracking noise coming from the passenger side of my back windshield -- the same sound I heard the first time I came outside to find my windshield shattering on its own. So I turned it off and it stopped.
Read more:

here we have a list of shattered sunroofs WHILE DRIVING! from honda!


Daphine said...

Oh dear.....I own a honda minivan. This scares me! Wow! What an awful thing to have happen!

beans said...

ok, so i am thinking they need to do some serious redesigning!

sorry you have to deal with that . .

Native American Momma said...

Geez, I had held Honda as a good company that would fix anything and admit fault, I guess not.

kyleandsteve said...

omg....this JUST happened to me TODAY!!! I googled what happened to see if anyone else experienced it and it led me to your blog...called the local dealership and they never heard of such a thing...i have to take it in on Monday so the service director can look at it...

CailinMarie said...

kyleandsteve - you googled honda minivan windows and found me? how cool is that? did you see that they DID replace the window? that post is a few days later... good luck!

AmyB said...

Just this morning while I was driving to work, the passenger side front window exploded into my car - a 2006 Honda Civic. No reason - just exploded. Nothing hit my car, no rocks, no bullets, nothing. Brought it to the Honda Dealership and they act clueless. I came to work and googled the problem.

The same thing happened about a year ago to the sunroof in my daughter's 2007 Honda CRV while she was driving on the interstate. They gave no explanation for this either other than "something must have hit it".

I'm beginning to believe a safety investigation into Honda glass needs to take place.

Keri said...

My '07 Honda Odyssey rear window shattered upon closing the tailgate. There were no visible blemishes on the window. How could this happen? It is quite dangerous! The minivan is less than three years old and only has 39,000 miles on it. The dealer referred me to American Honda which will not help with broken glass. Now I'm on hold with the dealer inquiring how they can help with the cost. I'm furious, this fix will be well over $1000, not to mention the glass clean-up and inconvenience!

Anonymous said...

Hi - I am certainly glad to find this. Good job!

Anonymous said...

I have a 2005 Honda Odyssey with just under 130,000 miles on mid December we had to replace our rear windshield do to a minor accident. Here we are less than 2 1/2 months later on a weekend afternoon I went to get in the van to run errands and upon trying to open the hatch I find my window is completely shattered but still intact to the door...There was no rock or any other damage. I am not a happy camper!!

Div D said...

I have a 2011 odyssey and the rear windshield glass just disintegrated as I was watching - the car was not moving, it was not rear ended - nothing- All happened while the car was parked inside our garage. Now I called Honda and they are yet to get back to me about their decision.

John Nichols said...

Same thing here
sitting in van backing up into parking spot
temp -3 first time in negative temps in a while.
Thought the window was shot out.
exploded and glass was inside as well as alot outside?
This is a cause for concern
Just putting in garage to clean up and take for new rear window
quoted $300 from a no name window replacer
John Nichols
Brantford Ontario

Anonymous said...

2012 Honda Odyssey. Driving down the road with kids in the car. Boom! Passenger window on the sliding door imploded. No known cause. Honda says so sorry nothing we can do..something must have hit it. Getting it replaced $ the way honda quoted $611. This is in crazy weather perfect sunny day.

Scott Greenwell said...

I have a 2006 Odyssey and this afternoon I discovered the rear (tailgate) window shattered with no evidence of impact from the outside. The van has been parked in the driveway for about a week and hasn't been driven or even unlocked. I found pieces of glass from the window on the bumper and in the driveway as far back as 35 feet! There was very little glass inside the van and though most of the window is still intact, there are two holes in the window where the glass is bulging out as if it was kicked from the inside. Very bizarre.