Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ballet part 2

WELL we made it to the Friday Recital!  Too much! They were hysterical.  They were "studying" Don Quixote.  So the first dance they showed us was the "fan dance" from Don Quioxte.  The kids had made fans during craft time.

Then they came out decked out in sunglasses and beads to do a jazz number from "High School Musical."  They danced to "Fabulous!"  Too funny!

And finally a tap number "The Codfish Ball."  Which I've been informed is a Shirly Temple number.

M-Lyons alternated between being too excited that we were all watching, and paying attention and doing the dances.  It was way too cute.

Virgina Regional Ballet check them out!

And it must be noted: Daddy, Nana, Papa and Grandma all rearranged their busy days to come watch the debut!  She is one lucky kid.


Meg said...

She is seriously precious!

Annette Piper said...

How gorgeous! I love how they get so excited!

So sorry about that incorrect link on my blog - there were far too many links I obviously had them going everywhichway. All corrected now though - many apologies.

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Oooo! I absolutely loved it when my girls had their dance recitals. So much fun for proud parents. Enjoy each one!


Theta Mom said...

She is too adorable! I seriously can't wait for this stage in my daughter's fun is it to watch her dance??? That's AWESOME! Enjoy every second of it!

Melissa said...

Aww, she's just too cute! We've never been involved in dance, but maybe when Princess is old enough, she'll be interested. I love the costume props for the HSM number. Adorable!