Sunday, July 26, 2009

Blue Monday and a *Giveaway*

It is Blue Monday. Hosted by: Smiling Sally

This week I am combining my blues, DataXstream Blue, Arbonne Blue, and my cuties in blue to bring you:
Blue Monday Giveaway


Last week I posted a "patting my own self on the back" post regarding my efforts to boost moral over there at the husband's company.  Friday one of the partners ran a google analytics tool to see where the strengths and weaknesses lie in the "Official Website" and its google ranking.  My little blog comes up all over the place because it has lots of links back to the company site, and to the Linkedin Profiles of the consultants and so on.  Yay me again!  So to celebrate my own self (and to prove my point regarding social media just a bit more with these guys) I am hosting a giveaway! 

Assisted by Beanie, Tiger, Dragon, M-Lyons and Bitsy

We offer you a $100.00 basket of Arbonne goodies

this giveaway is only open to shipping addresses within the continental US and to US military shipping addresses (due to shipping costs.  apologies to all my international friends.  Arbonne products are heavy but if you are in the UK or Australia you can purchase them and have them shipped to you at reasonable rates. just let me know. *wink*)


Visit the Unofficial Blog and come here to this blog and leave a comment (on THIS blog) that lets me know you were there.  (I've entered in some contests where the contestants were obviously in a rush and perhaps did not visit the site required and left vague references.  These will be disqualified.  I need to know you visited.)

Additional Enteries:

1.) on the links to official sites widget to the upper right - click through to DataXstream - come back here to this blog and leave a comment (on this blog) about the DataXstream website. (1 entry)

2.) Digg any post on the Unofficial Blog (click the green "share this" button at the bottom of the post.  You need a Digg account) (1 entry per post dugg)

3.) Post any post on the Unofficial Blog to Delicious (also under the green "share this" button and you need a Delicious account) (1 entry per submission)

4.) Follow me on twitter and twee the giveaway (one entry per tweet - up to 2 a day)

5.) check out the "Consultant's Blog" at DataXstream and Digg any post. (You have to click on the post title and scroll down to the bottom of the post and the sociable links appear) (1 entry per Digg)

6.) check out the "Consultant's Blog" at DataXstream and submit any post to Delicious. (You have to click on the post title and scroll down to the bottom of the post and the sociable links appear) (1 entry per submission)

7.) Technorati Favorite this blog (1 entry)

8.) Technorati Favorite the Unofficial Blog (1 entry)

please be sure to leave a SEPARATE COMMENT per entry THANKS!

this giveaway ends Friday, July 31st Midnight EST (US).  I will notify the winner August 1st.  They will have 72 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.

Thank you for your support

*and added bonus.  I have no idea what kind of response I'll get.  But I believe in the power of web excitement and word of mouth.  If we get over 100 entries, I'll bump it to a $200.00 basket of goodies*


A note to new followers. First THANK YOU for taking the time to follow and comment.  It really means a lot to me.  Secondly, my browser is being weird today and everytime I hit "follow" to follow you back I get kicked out and have to log in all over again.  Which probably means I need to turn off the computer and reset the browser or something... so I'm not being rude or ignoring you...


Clueless_Mama said...

I went to visit the unofficial blog. It was too funny, my dogs name is Minion! I loved it. Just so you know I read some it talked about some guy named Tim being hired?

Mary said...

The "models" in blue are just too cute for words. Good luck with your giveaway.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning CailinMarie! How cute is this letting your lovely assistants in on the fun. I loved the little faces as they held the signs and smiled. I will have to go to the site this evening. I am working this morning. Then I will post back again. Thanks for sharing. Good luck with the give away. Always a fun time. Country Hugs, Sherry

SmilingSally said...

I visited and think that ten years experience is impressive! I love the business "attire." Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday.

Gee said...

Thanks for stopping by. Love your little cute assistants. Thanks for sharing and happy blue monday.

Knitty said...

I worked with a woman who swore by Arbonne products, but she left suddenly and I never got the name of her source. I would love a chance at winning this great giveaway!

As for the Unofficial Blog, I have to know if that picture of Doug was doctored. It doesn't seem natural for a body to be in that position!

LV said...

A very nice blue Monday post. I like the idea of using the adorable children to help you. Thanks too for taking time to visit me today.

CailinMarie said...

Knitty - Doug is a Martial Arts Instructor - he's been involved in Martial Arts since childhood - and that is a pose from XMA (hollywood style martial arts) he was goofying off a technology trade show!
I also sell Arbonne and would be happy to send you samples or help you find a certain product if ever you are interested.

Melissa said...

HI Cailin Marie! Thanks for dropping by. I loved visiting your blog!

NicoleB said...

Way to go :)
The products sound great.
Maybe one day I'm back in a country where shipping to is not such a pain in the behind ;)
And your assistants are just way great too :D

freesong1 said...

I have no Idea what SAP integration is. Now I have to read more to find out.

Maria Berg said...

I want to do the give away but do live i sweden.. so no but I have been looking at all of the blue, MB

Momma Such said...

You have received the Meme Award! Be sure to stop by my page to claim it! :)

Rita said...

What adorable children.

I read some of your other blog. Will revisit it when I have more time. My 13 yr old grandson was born with those problems and it is effecting his social life now that he is becoming a teen.

Thanks for the visit to my site. And, yes I wish I could keep up with my Mother as well.

Claudie said...

Well you see I'm on a mac, and I have iWeb.. It has all the templates I need, and does everything (well kind of) for me. It's very very different from blogger, that's for sure. Some like it, some do not. I like to be diff.
Your blog sure is entertaining. i was scanning while watching the see I'm Canadian, and so is Jillian. Not sure she made the right decision. Oh well
Have a great night.
Love Claudie
P.S you might want to change your "choose an identity" I don't usually leave comments, because I do not use my google account.
If you want:
1. Go to: Settings / Comments

2. Find the following option: Who can comment?

3. Choose "Anyone - includes Anonymous User


shraddha said...

i follow you...

cool giveaway

visit mine too...please

Clueless_Mama said...
tweeted the giveaway and follow you

CailinMarie said...

thanks Claudie - I've changed my comment form!
I'm sorry to so many of you who are international friends. I really need to check into shipping and maybe run a better giveaway next time around. But I really appreciate everybody who has stopped by!

Regina said...

Nice blue and great post!

Theta Mom said...

Happy Blue Monday to you! Looks like a great gvieaway! Nice job! My friend sells for Arbonne and I like their products. Good stuff! :)

charmine said...

Thank you for your comments on my blog.Love your blue monday post,kiddies are tooo cute!
Regards my salt/pepper shaker,your right,Holland is famous for it's handcrafted ceramic in blue.As it is midnight here I'll come back later to chk out your blog.

JMom said...

The blog is way too techie for me, way over my head :) But that Doug guy sure is pretty limber. lol!

JMom said...

Sorry i couldn't find your Twitter ID. If you'd like to follow me @jmom, I will follow you back.

I tweeted your giveaway here:

yonca said...

Thanks for stopping by and for your comment on my blog. Your little asistants are so cute! :)

Debra said...

Very cute....lots of blue here today! Sorry I didn't get to read yesterday as I was out of town...hope you had a great Blue Monday and a happy Tuesday to boot!

Blessings to you!

Leslie said...

I visited the unofficial blog & I now follow :)


P.s. I found you from my giveaway site.
Check out of my other blog -

Leslie said...

Jacky said...

I went and visited the unofficial blog! =)

Lis @ ATruckerWife said...

I had to laugh at the representation at the sparta reunion. I lived about 20 minutes from sparta growing up LOL

Thanks for the giveaway! and thanks for stopping by mine :)

Clueless_Mama said...

tweeted again. I don't know if I have ever told you, but I love the name of your blog. Sounds like my house I swear!

mamajohnjohn said...

Thx for the comment on my blog! I love the title n the banner image! So cute!! Wow... everybody is doing giveaway... I think I need to do one Thx again!

Xenia said...

I visited the unofficial blog (7/17's post is titled "SAP Consultant's Blog: Managing Change Pointers), so count me in!

p.s. following you from MBC Under 100!

theselfloveproject said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog few times,,,we appreciate your continued support...April and I plan to update every monday!

Phoenix Peacock said...

ahaha obi wan. I know a dog by that name too.

Whitney said...

Woohoo! Sounds like fun! I am also having a giveaway on my blog. Come check it out!