Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So this weekend we, all 7 of us, jumped in the car Thursday night after the swim meet (around 9 PM) and drove to Sparta NJ. That is over 6 hours on a good day. We arrived at our hotel (not actually IN Sparta, in the area though) around 3 AM... We were there for my husband's 20th High School reunion.

On Saturday the organizer had a "family" outing from 11 to 3 - bring your own style -picnic. It was really nice.
There was a pond at the park, a good algae covered, fish filled pond that had a large number of fascinating green frogs living in the grass along the edges. The kids spent a good amount of their time frog hunting.


One of the first frogs to get caught was of course an instant sensation and all the kids were trying to gather round to see it. Bitsy went running over "I do! I do!" One of the dad's had caught it and he gently lowered the frog to Bitsy's viewing height - the frog sensed a lessening in the hand hold and made its break for freedom. It wriggled loose and jumped... straight onto Bitsy and the sandwich she was clutching at chest level. Bitsy erupted into shrieks. Shrieks. While she is shrieking I am hustling over to scoop her up, but as I lean over to her the frog launches off the sandwich and at my feet. Now I am doing a "dance" trying to pick up Bitsy and not step on the frog and laughing my head off. Bitsy still shrieking. The whole thing needed to be on video.

Poor froggy got away unsquashed, poor Bitsy got picked up and comforted and carried to daddy so she could tell him the whole story all over. Being able to tell the story and receive validation is very important to Bitsy. She was doubly insulted that everybody was laughing!

Tiger caught several frogs:

Once she was able to tell Daddy the story and receive lots of "oh poor Bitsy" she recovered and went back to checking out frogs:


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh My!
I can see the shrieking and the foot stomping. Just a precious moment, and so sad there were no cameras clicking. Where is a camera when you need one. I loved this post. Just loved it. Thanks so much for sharing. Glad that everyone had a wonderful time. Country Hugs, Sherry

Mommies-Miracles said...

aww poor bitsy, my lil one probably would have died laughing then tried to feed the frog the sandwhich lol

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Such a cute story, so glad the frog survived the frog dance - we have a really nice spider dance we do around here, trying to scare them tooo death:)


Rae Ann said...

I love the close-up of the frog. It somehow captures the essence of childhood.

Did you get the part of my tips to make your header center? If not, I will send it again!