Friday, July 3, 2009

more bucket list

apparently we are getting serious about all this!!!

I mentioned it to the husband. He is flying home tonight from his client site. He emails me via phone:

My Start much more to go
Bucket List
- live in the city with my wife after the kids grow up for at least a
- call colorado home again
- take my family to Alaska
- take my family to Europe
- England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany,
Spain, France, Italy, Greece
- take my family to Korea
- take family to Egypt
- live in another country
- safari in Africa
- ski Europe with family
- ski South America with family
- do something out of this world
- travel western united states with family
- hike entire at in virgina kids
- make a positive difference in the world

I don't think that is the "before they are in High School" list!!!

I decided while I was musing things to do; I needed to post some of the things we have done. I, we, they (kids) have had some cool experiences to date...

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Melissa said...

you guys are going to end up w/a list a mile long! fun to explore the wishes of each member of the family. very cool! :)