Monday, July 20, 2009

patting my own self on the back

Sometimes you have to toot your own horn for a minute you know?

I wrote one of my "cast of characters" blog posts today for the unofficial company blog I started it in December for my husband as sort of a moral boost and social marketing experiment.  The sky was falling, he was thinking he was going to have to close the business and was looking for contingency plans to protect the family as much as possible (it is an LLC.)  He couldn't sleep, he couldn't eat and he went into work everyday trying to dispel everybody else's fears.  I couldn't help and it drove me nuts.  So I started a company blog.  I don't speak geek so it had to be less content driven than a good company blog would be.  

Turns out people like it.  Since I started some 708 individual hits (which supposedly means that the counter does not count the same person twice) have been noted.  And I don't advertise it any where.  His clients love it.

Better still, it spiked his interest in utilizing social media for marketing.  Now the company website gets updated regularly, there is an official blog filled with good content on SAP.  I convinced him to start twittering (although I still pull most of the weight there.  Try to teach these brilliant SAP consultants how to tweet so that they are saying something worth while AND entering into conversations with others in the SAP community - it would be easier to get the dog to meow!)

And no we are not out of the woods yet... but traffic has increased significantly and so has the hope level. yay us.  And I just have to say "yay me" because there are so many nay sayers inside the company and amongst friends and family.  {I actually unfriended pretty much everybody related to me from Facebook for a while because they are so not supportive of my efforts.  Yes, I post a LOT about my husband's company and my Arbonne business.  Sorry, I don't have the United States Military and various T.V. networks with their celebrities... like the Thunderbirds for example... helping with Marketing.}

wrote all that and then ran off to get Beanie from computer camp.  On the way home I was thinking.  For fun... maybe I could run a give away (I've never done one) and have everybody click over on the Unofficial blog and then come back here to my blog and  leave a comment... and I'd give out an Arbonne Basket.  I might even be able to tie that into a Blue Monday...  hmmm


Cheryl said...

I think it is very cool and clever that you would do that for your husband and your family. Keep going, I think it will only get bigger and better! I love that you took your idea and went with it. So many people, stop at the idea stage. Your my new hero, lol.
I really hope it helps and you do deserve a huge pat on the back.
Hope your summer is going well. Can we see the blog?

mommymaria said...

GOOD FOR YOU!! Way to be supportive of your husband, and putting your family first. Clearly, you are one smart girlie with a very lucky husband. Perseverance is key in finding success. I hope it works out exactly the way you want it to!

Maria @BOREDmommy

The Half Assed Housewife said...

That is wonderful. Great job kicking the "recession" in the pants. It is wonderful that you were able to help your husband like that.

dxs_1 said...

talking to myself some more;
but I think the contest on a blue monday could work - although I'm thinking I need to get people to tell me something about the blog so we know they stopped in, and if they continue to the actual website then extra points!
I'm such a smarty pants!