Tuesday, July 7, 2009

YAY! The Nuero Optho says I'll be fine

2 weeks ago I saw an eye doctor for a regular annual check up - basically my "I'm out of contacts can I get some more please" check up. The Dr. saw something in my eyes that had him worried. Well, 10 years ago, there was swelling of eye tissue that resulted in loss of vision in my eyes. Worse in the left. And no one could tell me what or why. It just happened. I saw a neurologist and had a spinal tap, I saw the head of some department or other at MCV, I saw a retina specialist every two weeks for the entire summer. It was never diagnosed, named or anything and eventually it went away leaving me with scarring, and week eyes and extreme sensitivity to sunlight.

All that said the Dr. says it looks like I have macular degeneration but since they can correct it to 20/20 there really isn't anything anybody can do about it.

That is so not okay with me.

So I made an appointment with a nuero optho whom I happen to know and who is in the office so she has all the records. She is very thorough. She is also probably one of the smartest people if not the smartest person I have ever met. She took her time, looked it all over, had I think a field vision test done and suggested we take new pictures so that we'll have a good comparission and to her best judment things haven't changed in 10 years. But I'll be seeing her for my annual from now on which is just fine with me.



nativemainer said...

Cailin-I have had to see similar types of docs and have similar tests...one year later, I went to a different neuro optho that took my insurance and voila! All of a sudden there is no sign of early macular degeneration. Sounds like we're in a similar place. Now I try not to go to the eye doctor so that I don't have to explain the whole thing about why I don't see sharply but there's nothing wrong with me...I hate that "Is A or B better?" question because the answer is always "Neither!" :)

Christie Silvers said...

That blog looks great! I see what you mean about the banner being too big for it's location. Do you know anything about the coding of the blog? If so, I can point you in the right direction for fixing it. If not, well, it's going to take a lot more explaining. LOL!

Email me to let me know and we'll see if we can fix it. :-)

FoxyMoron said...

CaillinMarie thank goodness your eyes are okay. As an *ahem* older woman, the dimming of my sight is scary, if I lose my glasses I panic.

Love the new banner!

Melissa said...

i am totally in love with your new banner! sooooooo cute!

and i'm so happy for you - staying the same is completely acceptable. definitely better than the alternative!

Becca said...

I am happy for you. No change over 10 years is excellent. I hope it stays that way.