Monday, August 3, 2009

shouting to the Universe

I have found that I have incredible luck with shouting out at the Universe "I need this" and somehow it ends up coming my way. I know I have lived a totally charmed life (and I AM thankful and completely aware how lucky I am). But I find myself struggling just now with the feeling that I am a bit trapped and cannot get out. I do not like this feeling:

So Shouting!!!

There are bloggers with sponsors. I need sponsors. Some of them have the most amazing sponsors - "Land of Nod" for example (have you seen that catalog?) How do they find these sponsors???

My sponsor wish list:

Keystone Colorado and or Vail Colorado (we used to cash in all travel points and head to Vail the last week it was open. Haven't made it the last 2 years. Very SAD!)

Athleteca or Title Nine

Gap Kids

Simply Shoes

Garnet Hill

Barnes and Noble, or Amazon, or Books a Million (I'm not picky)

Trader Joes

The Pottery Barn

an airline (can you just see them trying to fit my batch in first class amongst all the suits? we'd take up the whole cabin!)

Neiman Marcus or just Ralph Lauren would do too

a fabulous stylist too. Somebody needs to do something with my hair and get me regular waxing and nail appointments. I mean - puhleeze

visualize me sitting crisscrossed with my fingers in little yoga circles saying "ohmmmm" and being one with the universe while I wait.

except - the kids want breakfast. Oh well, Pancakes it is. Oatmeal pancakes with butter and pure maple syrup. Add fresh hot coffee and even a wish list can't beat that.

(I forgot Hannah Anderson - the world's BEST PJs and underpants and SOOOO good for kids who are itchy clothes sensitive
and also
Boden (ooh la la) and Mini Boden)


theselfloveproject said...

okk,...i have the same wish list...i am SHOUTING TOO!!!!

Stephanie Faris said...

I'm still learning Blogger so I didn't even realize people had sponsors. Wow. Very eye-opening.

Melissa said...

Apparently I'm out of the loop too, because I had no clue you could get sponsors. What exactly does that mean for your blog?

CailinMarie said...

frankly I've no idea. but I stopped by one called tout-es-de roses and she's got ads for cool places, one being "the land of nod" and she gets cool giveaways... so I guess, give aways or products to review? Heck - I can review me some good cotton pjs sizes 2, 5, 8, 8 and 10!!!