Monday, August 3, 2009

writing about Sparky & Big Boy - bearded dragons

So I've been back over there at Associated Content again; writing about Sparky and Big Boy the two beardies that live with us. (the blog title is from 18 months ago - when we loaded the 5 kids, 2 labs, lizard and crab into the mimivan and DROVE from Virginia to Colorado...) there are currently 2 lizards and a snake in our midst (thats another story) and I'm rambling. See what happens when I wake up at 1 AM and cannot fall back asleep? I make no sense!
Anyway - my point was - I would like to invite you to go read about Beanie and her dragons or check out my A.C. profile and read one of my other pieces. Thanks!

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Melissa said...

So I just read your article about your daughter and her lizard, and I loved it! It was to the point, very informative, and I learned stuff I didn't even know about lizards. Way to go!