Friday, September 11, 2009

Flippin' Nightmare!


Okay - so I should just admit flat out that I am crazy.

But here goes:

This was the first week of school. SO MUCH EXCITEMENT and the anticipation and the fun of finding out who is in which class and my oldest is in Jr. High with a locker and changing rooms for different subjects and so on-

So I told the kids they could have friend over:
Beanie invited A, Em, and T. All in 6th grade. A and Em she's known since she was 2 years old.
Tiger invited his posse. C, R, S and CR. And a new kid. T.
Dragon invited P, CH, and a new kid L.
They came running, hollering, screaming off the bus at 3:45 this afternoon.

I was ready. I had grapes, bananas, gold fish crackers, hotdogs and cake... the boys grabbed nurf guns and lightsabers and headed outside. They did really well outside for almost an hour. But A and Em kept wanting to "check" on them. I reminded the girls to leave the boys alone. Around 5 they started playing hide and seek as a whole group. Around 5:30 that turned into the girls holed up in Beanie's room and the boys banging to get in.

Between 5:30 and 6 most of the kids were picked up.

But there was a lack of communication between Beanie and I and Em was expecting to stay until 7. A stayed too. And C was staying because his mom had asked if she could pick him up at 7:15.

And some time around 6:30 things unraveled - FAST. A called Tiger a "little kid." Tiger stormed off and started crying. I told Tiger that that behaviour was just proving A right - he WAS acting like a little kid. And encouraged him to let her know that she'd hurt his feelings. So I called Beanie, Em and A over and said, "Tiger has something to say." TIger addressed A and said she'd really hurt his feelings. He started to cry.

Beanie, Em and A just stared at him. I waited a minute and then I got short. "Are you going to say sorry or am I going to have to ask you to?" I asked - looking at A.
She made her apology, actually a rather good one. I rounded up Tiger, C, Dragon, and the little girls and left the big girls. I could see A backing up bright red and yelling at Beanie. I guess A left. Beanie escorted Em home.

Beanie returned home in tears and hid until C's mother came. I called Beanie and Tiger to discussion. Beanie was such a mess.

So much for our fun little gathering.


Melissa said...

Ok, I will second that you are seriously, when you have a houseful of your own kids, a few extras don't really throw things off too badly. Although I've been in that situation before, where they start misbehaving, and you have to get stern w/them. Ughhhhhh, if they could just HAVE FUN and BE NICE! Is that too much to ask?!? Glad you survived it though!

Amo said...

I might have gone insane if that was me. Might have had stress-related heart failure or something! You are a good mommy! Can't we all just get along?

Meg said...

So impressive! At least you didn't have to call the fire department, right?


i am now dizzy from trying to keep straight all of the letters in that post. i don't know who cried or apologized or what's going on. then again, i should've been asleep an hour ago.

i love arbonne and used to sell it too! man, that seems like AGES ago. best products EVER! my kids have used nothing but! no diaper rash EVER

glad i found you, visiting from SITS and now following

CailinMarie said...

okay "speaking from the crib" chick - I tried 3 stinking times to leave you this comment:
"you are hilarious and nuts. you waited for 2b hours with a baby on your lap??? I obviously need lessons in true loyalty... thanks for saying high today.
followed back..."

but it says I am not allowed to comment. And I've gotta move on now. Come visit again and tell me what I did wrong...

shraddha/april@theselfloveproject said...

its alright!

do not be too hard on yourself