Tuesday, September 15, 2009

a most hilarious facebook discussion

CailinMarie if one more person not directly involved in caring for and driving around children tells me how tired they are I'm going to commit a federal crime

Sun at 10:29pm · ·
Annice Johnson
ok, so they are not my kids, but I do care for and drive kids around, may I now complain? ;)
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Cindy Smyers Sandelin
You are so awesome! I couldn't agree more!
Sun at 10:48pm · Delete
Margaret Clarkson
Sun at 11:10pm · Delete
Megan Pilarski
Never in a million years would I ever complain to you about being too busy, too tired, etc. You amaze me.
Sun at 11:11pm · Delete
Nadene J. Bradburn
And no jury in the state would convict you.
Yesterday at 6:19am · Delete
Gail Dillon
Girl--you win! I can't imagine how you get through the day without 1) alcohol, 2) Valium or 3) a damn good nanny. I'm barely keeping it together with two kids some days...
Yesterday at 9:55am · Delete
Nadene J. Bradburn
Totally. What Gail said.
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Margaret Clarkson
Yesterday at 11:34am · Delete
Keith Mulhare
Ahhhh gawd Im so tired today. Was up late partying, now I only have a few more hours to rest before I must party again...so tired.... yaaaaaaawn....

Yesterday at 11:39am · Delete
Hannah Im
unfair cailin - i'll never have kids, but i get legitimately tired at times. tiredness is a valid state of being for all of us. hope you can find a moment for a mind vacation at least. xoxo
Yesterday at 12:26pm · Delete
Gaye Moth
OMG, that's awful! I can't believe you posted that. That deserves a smacked bottom!
Yesterday at 7:47pm · Delete
Cailin Mulhare Yates
To all of you who get my moment of weakness - kisses - Keith I heart you for making me snicker - Gaye I FRIGGIN DARE you (wouldn't that be a moment to remember on the preschool playground) Hannah, in the future, when a mom breaks for a minute and vents, you offer chocolate and a hug and stay quiet.
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Nadene J. Bradburn
You are my hero.
5 hours ago · Delete
Gaye Moth
Hey, I edited. My first response was way worse.
5 hours ago · Delete
Margaret Clarkson
or a mom could be offered tea with that hug or even better... a night out with the girls :-)
4 hours ago · Delete
Nadene J. Bradburn
...and bourbon in that tea
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Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

OMG, so funny! LOL...I agree w/your comment to Hanna. Although I would much rather have a mocha from Starbucks and a hug. I think that qualifies - it's just chocolate in a different form!

(Oops on my 1st comment - grammatical error...lol)

FoxyMoron said...

LOL I vote for the bourbon. No, really I do. hic and the word verification for this comment is "maters". I love all my online maters. ;)

April Belle said...

It's amazing how non-kid folk sometimes don't get it... I think moms hold up the entire world. Thank God we have the muscles to do it.

Great post!


shraddha/april@theselfloveproject said...

mog..that is hilarious!!

i need to go go back to facebook too..i was a facebook addict before i started facebooking in june.i have not logged in for months.