Saturday, September 19, 2009

One can dream...

It is fall. Definitely fall here. Crisp mornings, cool nights. On my walk today with the dog (I overslept my run) I saw all the signs of turning grasses - the tall grasses and weeds in the marshes and along the walking path turn first and then when the grounds is brown it seems the trees turn. It was fun. I love the colors and I promised myself to organize my week so either Tuesday or Thursday AM Bitsy and I can go "color" outside. It has been too long... I don't even know where the pastels and paints ARE. Shame on me.

Everyfall I get wardrobe antsy - maybe it is the tradition of "back to school shopping?" I don't know. I start wanting a make-over. I used to be a clothes hound. I adored clothes. And I was spoiled. Because my mother wasn't allowed to use our social security checks soley on survival (go figure) she had to give us "play money" and I spent all mine on clothes. {that I still don't get. If you have a family receiving financial aid - WHY can the adult not use the checks to pay mortgage, groceries and utilities???} It wasn't tons and tons mind you. But it was more than I'd had before and it was all mine to be as selfish with as I wished. I had red boots. And a pair of raspberry pink swede boots, and fabulous things bought at the thrift store and then I'd sew them up into something different because I had TIME and I'd visit my grandmother in northern NJ and she'd send me out shopping and I'd come home with amazing things... clothes were a hobby!

And so every fall I sort of go through a period where I want and I want and I want.... this year my oldest is in Jr. High and not in uniform. Even though they go to public elementary school - it is still a uniform school (kahki pants, polo style shirts in red, white or blue) so choosing clothes is new and exciting. The two of us sat down two weeks ago and went bananas over a Saks 5th Avenue catalog that got sent to us. {I'm guessing based on credit card spending or something. Because my husband's business is an LLC so the finances are all tied together - and because he travels EVERY week and puts air fare and hotel and rental car on his business credit card every week we get all kinds of crazy mail. Like Departures magazine. Oh I LOVE that magazine.} It was hilarious to look at that catalog with my daughter. "$1,000.00 shoes? Mom who pays that much for shoes?" and so on. And of course it was all trying to be couture so it was wild stuff. She was fascinated. And then we pulled out what I would wear if I had "the means" and I'm pretty much British Country. Ralph Lauren on a horse sort of stuff. I love those clothes. Today Departures came and with it came a minim magazine advertisment for Brooks Brothers. I've never paid them any mind and why would I? I don't need a suit and I don't need a $90.00 shirt. They have a fabulous pair of shoes on sale for $200-something but only in size 9.5 and like I can spend $200.00 on shoes! Oh but fun to look at. And I loved the mini magazine add because it told all about the company. I didn't know that they still make a majority of their clothes in the United States (in Massachusetts) or that some of their fabric was actually milled in the U.S. as well. Most of their fabric is woven in Italy but they still have some made here. That is kind of cool. And that they are known for dressing U.S. presidents... Lincoln, Eisenhower, Roosevelt, Clinton, Kennedy and Obama have all worn their suits. I think that is kind of cool too.
So if ever I am in the market for an amazing trench coat, or a suit, or who knows what. I'll have to look them up. In the meantime I'm kinda inspired to see if I can squirrel away a bit and take my husband to N.Y. in 2 years on our 15th Anniversary and buy him a rockstar American made suit. He actually wears them. :-)

I know I occasionally go off on my "made in America" thing and many of my blogger friends are from around the world. My thing is: too many of the things in American stores come not just from other places (I don't have issue with importing and exporting) but they come from countries where people are paid nothing in poor conditions so Americans can have "lots of cheap stuff" that drives me insane. So if I'm offending others with my "made in America" rants I am sorry. I am not intending to be xenophobic. I am not xenophobic. I just wish American's as a group would pay a touch more to buy things made in their own country by people who earn a living wage. That's all.


JUST ME, THE MOM said...

What fun it would be to BROWSE through your closet :)


Cellar Door said...

We used to get uniform catalogues, for some reason I never figured out. They are hilarious!

I'm 100% with you on the "Made in the USA".

Shraddha@theselfloveproject said...

you deserve the makeover!

you go girl!