Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Watermelon Monster...

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The kids and I experimented with potted plants a bit this year.
On the back deck we had a cucumber plant that made it through mid July when it got too hot but yieled 9 or 10 cucumbers - tomatoe plants that grew like weeds but gave us tomatoes in August and we still have only had ONE red one and a few other not so great tries here and there.
In the front I tried planting watermelon, corn, and sunflower seeds. They all seemed to get eaten within two inches of sprouting. WE live in a heavy deer and rabbit area. Mid summer I put some watermelon seeds in a small pot and set them out front in amongst our landscaping. We were gone most of August. We came home to a MONSTER plant... even so. We've seen 3 fruit... we tried harvesting one and it was sweet and juicy but not yet pink on the inside. We are waiting a bit to harvest the other two...


Melissa said...

Yay! It's so cool to grow your own food. This was our first year, and we've got tomatoes out the wazoo!

claudie said...

You are one busy Mama. Great job with the garden. Nothing better than fresh off the vine.
Happy OW
Love Claudie
P.S. Someone is featuring a Hermit Crab today on OW

Elisabeth said...

Nothing like having fresh veggies. Our watermelons are ready for the picking (and eating, of course). Happy Outdoor Wednesday...thanks for sharing.

MONICA said...

¡Hi Cailin! great job with the garden!!.
Thanks for your coment :D
Nice day and kind regards.

Maggie B said...

Isn't it a great feeling to pick something that you have grown and have it for dinner?
This year I had a bumper crop of pototoes, beans, beets & zucchini but the tomatoes & blueberries didn't do very well at all. Too much rain!
a bientot
Maggie @ Normandy Life

Riet said...

I am sure you feel good about you growing some food for your family. And of course you will learn more every time. Have a nice day

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

OOOh you take me back!

I remember one year we grew a wee garden... we were all so mezmerized by the slowly growing food and watermelons... "dont pick it yet...not yet..its still growing!"... LOL until by the time we thought it was ready... it was over grown and soggie LOL

If you get a chance please stop by and say hi!

TTFN~~Claudia ♥ ♥

Ms. Bake-it said...

Hello Cailin,

Thank you for stopping by! You are definitely one very busy mom! Great job with the garden! It is always satisfying to serve food that you have grown yourself.

Thank you for sharing your garden with us!

~ Tracy

bj said...

wow...great job on the garden..
o, and I saw a hermit crab on another blog..can't remember which one...??