Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy Holidays from the world of Walt Disney

written 12/23/2009
but not posted as I was having photo issues and pictures were half the fun!

Sometime this fall I asked (begged) my husband if we could get the heck out of dodge and away from some family drama and go visit Disney or something equally crazy. We took our two oldest kids to Disney Florida 7 years ago (give or take) while waiting on news of our third... I haven't been since and our three youngest haven't either. Since my man travels a LOT he was able to cash in some travel points, and some credit card points, and work some magic and voila. Here we are!

We spent Tuesday in "HOLLYWOOD" which I think used to be called MGM Studios??? Anyway - we went on the Star Wars ride which was cute and funny. And then we split up because there wasn't as much for the younger two to be entertained by. We did see the Ariel Show which was beautifully done (but lots of Ursula which we generally fast forward through at home; so a little scary for my two small ones) One of the vendors told us to catch the Buzz Lightyear ride (there is one in the Magic Kingdom and this one is like it minus the laser guns or something) but we caught some of the High School Musical Show and then a parade instead. At one point there was a band on stage playing "Exit light, enter night" and I found myself wondering if anybody else thought it was weird to be listening to a Metallica cover in Disney. But that is pretty much the only Metallica song I recognize so maybe they play lots of them and I don't know any better!

On my way down the main drag there was this little man on daddy's shoulders and his drawers were just pulled way down with some crazy plumber's crack going. I don't know why - it just struck me funny. He had the cutest mom, all dolled up and skinny with her fabulous sun glasses and long perfect hair and she kept trying to pull his britches up but if you have a toddler you know, it is just impossible to do anything about their pants. People who design clothes follow adult trends and there are NO pants around that hit at the waist and FIT. They are all low and don't quite cover the diaper even. I know this. For a fact. So I just thought it was funny. And I actually chased him down "Main Street" trying to get a picture for my blog(!) without being out right obvious. I lost them in the crowd but then when I stopped to watch the parade guess who I saw???

And then to top it all off as we were leaving "Hollywood" there was a man just stretched out sleeping on the street. What? Is this an actor trying to make us think we are in California? Or is there some poor fellow really so tired that he is just going to catch a nap right there?

Can't say why.
Struck me funny :-)


Too Many Hats said...

That toddler pic is too funny! Glad you had a lovely time and I am sure it was much deserved.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

That is strange that the guy just racked out right there! Is that at Disney??? How odd! And what a cute little fellow with his little pants sliding down. LOL!

I just left you a message on the last post. We were at Disney, too! LOL! Wish I had known you were, too. :-)

Happy, Happy New Year to you and yours...


Sheila :-)

Cheryl said...

I am so very happy that you are at Disney! What a great way to end the holiday frenzy. We LOVE Disney, but haven't been in years. Your pictures and post brought back so many memories, happy ones. I hope the rest of your trip is a blast of fun.

Happy New Year!!!!

ModernMom said...

No matter how you cut it Disney is the most entertaining place on earth!