Saturday, February 28, 2009


truly madness
today I stopped by the SPCA. Honestly, I need another animal like I need a hole in my head. Maybe I actually DO need a hole in my head.
My labrador, Kahn Sol {which we believe is Korean for "Snow Flake" naturally he is a large black dog} is depressed. Unless we are out for a walk he pretty much sits on the laundry pile and mopes. At the end there when he was hot and in pain Malachi, my old yellow lab, sat on the laundry pile. I let him as I figured it cushioned his arthritis. Now I let Kahn Sol because he so pathetic. There is nothing worse than a depressed dog.
So... I stopped by the Humane Society. They have a 6 yr old male, intact, German Shepherd Dog. He was an owner surrender supposedly because they are downsizing to an apartment. He is sweet and incredibly mellow for a GSD and he really wants the heck out of there. He is also very over weight and it looks like his hips are showing age. His eyes look older than 6, which could be his weight and worry or he could be older. Hard to say. Because he is so mellow he'd be okay with all my kids and he isn't going to jump on people or bite Kahn Sol's ears {he is sensitive about his ears and dogs love to bite them} but I'm worried about his age and health. We are not exactly financially well just now...
They also have a 6 month old puppy. Supposedly a labrador, pit bull mix. Sweet dog, smart face, not timid, not aggressive, nice animal. I asked them about the pit genes but they haven't seen any aggressive or biting behavior.
What to do? I got home and looked at my house. It is a MESS. I am a crappy housekeeper. Why would I add more fur and dirt to this???

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

baking soda?

alright bakers and in the kitchen types out there...

do you find that some baking sodas "taste" more than others?
Switched today and we are all kind of saying "um the pancakes taste weird"

Ah... catch a breath!

It is that time of year when I feel like I loose track of everything.
I don't know. I hate February. The month and I have a long standing argument and I rarely make it through without major distress for some unknown reason. It is wet, cold, moldy here. The kind of cold that gets in your bones and WILL NOT go away. Not North Woods Cold, or Rocky Mountain Cold, no, Mid Atlantic Moldy Wet Cold - I don't know. It does something not nice to me.

Yesterday I scarfed down fistfuls of nuts, I'm also big on fatty soups this time of year. I feel like a Polar Bear trying desperately to get warm and keep my feet on solid ground. I guess I should leave the Polar Bears out of it, the whole not enough ice on the ice cap thing really is not funny.

On the other hand - I got to deliver two Arbonne orders yesterday and I have a party on Thursday AND the Arbonne Road Tour is coming to Virginia this weekend. So that is all quite cool.

AND - on Wednesday I have my hopefully LAST meeting with the school regarding all the special ed stuff so that my kids can receive the individualized reading instruction that will hopefully allow them to do well beyond elementary school. YEESH.

My nutty kids decided (round table equitable discussion I swear) yesterday to go "no sugar" as in no sugar additives although we decided honey was okay and we are not banning real maple syrup from pancakes. We will see how that goes.
Bitsty is hollering
signing out

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Guernsey Literary & ...

So our newly formed book club read "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows and got together last night to discuss -

ground rules -
you don't have to read the book though we'd prefer it (smirk)
you are NOT allowed to discuss your children
you are NOT allowed to discuss preschool business as 2 board members and several parents attend and we get sucked into our same patterns
and who knows what else

there was much discussion on the romance, Mark vs Dawsey and whether Dawsey was a believable chose or Kit for that matter... we mostly agreed it seemed unlikely. We did like the history of Guernsey and the people and the descriptions of occupation during WWII and sending children off and starvation and of course the hiding of the pig... I found the history most fascinating and liked most of the interplay between characters - I do find the likelihood of a London Society Writer hanging out on a fishing Island a bit difficult - maybe for a year...

This for me was the gem of the book "If she marries him, she'll spend the rest of her life being shown to people at theaters and clubs and weekends and she'll never write another book."

that and the fabulous description of a British ship landing with "not a platoon of uniformed soldiers, but one lone man, got up in a caricature of English gent in striped trousers, a morning coat, top hat, furled umbrella, and a copy of yesterday's TIMES clasped in his hand. THere was a split-second of silence before the joke sank in, and then the crowd roared-"

My friend Gaye it turns out is a meticulous housekeeper, excellent cook and generous hostess. We had homemade chili, homemade corn bread, cheese cake, wine and coffee. How fabulous!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

4 year olds...

M Lyons amazes me. I think I just really like 4 year olds... they've learned to talk, mostly stopped whining, like to do fun things, and can (with the exception of Dragon) entertain their own self for a bit. I am supposed to be cleaning up so I can go to book club tonight with a clean conscious, and as I do, My Lyons is sitting at her little table coloring away and singing to herself. M Lyons lives in a musical. She is always singing and often dancing.

She is such a cool little kid. This weekend Daddy decided it was a ski weekend. I know he wanted to get in at least one day on snow, poor guy. So we treaked to Wintergreen. We gave M Lyons the option, go to grandma's or go skiing. She chose skiing...

M Lyons, Wintergreen

She skied from 9 AM until 6 PM (with stops for hot chocolate, lunch, snack, an enormous chocolate cupcake, and a nap on Mommy's lap) She is the ONLY one of my kids to ever express an interest in carrying her own skis and she can even pop her boots out of the bindings when she is done. She went from nothing, to lift chair in one day. We are beyond impressed.

Now it is up to Dataxstream to provide contracts to provide employment to afford a more frequent ski season next year. In the mean time, she is singing away at her little desk. She is way too cute.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Pantry Challenge

My sister told me about this:

The Pantry challenge is when you challenge yourself not to grocery shop until you've wiped out your pantry. You are allowed to modify according to your families dietary needs. At my house that means: I buy produce, dairy and meats like I do usually. I also purchase what I need for school lunches; but at a slower pace so as to try to use up stuff in the pantry that could, conceivably, be put in a school lunch.

I have sort of been on an unofficial pantry challenge since Christmas, but just made it official by announcing to my dearest darling that he may not, under any circumstances, go stock up at Costco until the pantry is bare {he recently enthusiastically re-supplied us while beverage shopping for his Super Bowl Party}.

I usually add in a freezer challenge while I am at it. Stuff piles up in my freezer.

So last Friday I cooked up at turkey I'd purchased after the Holidays as it was 80 something cents a pound. We ate off the carcass for two days and then last night I threw it in the pot to make stock. Today I've emptied out the fridge into the stock for left over soup, a can of beans and some frozen veggies thrown in.

I have found in the past though, it is amazing how long you can actually go with out restocking if you really try.

Donuts for Dads

It is Donuts for Dad's in the 2nd and 3rd grade today. Last week it was the 1st grade and Kindergarten and next week I guess it is 4th and 5th.

Tim went last week to 1st grade. He has people in town for training this week and meetings start at 8 AM. He can't go to my 2nd grader's Donuts thing - but he never really said no, he just said "maybe" which left the 2nd grader full of hope. So this morning the 2nd grader bounced out of bed only to be told that Dad couldn't go. If Dad had manned up and said that a week ago we could have asked grandpa - we have that option. Grandpa lives in town. I can't call Grandpa at 7 AM and ask him to pick up the kid at 7:30.

So, Dad went to work and I talked with my broken hearted kid. Who sat in my lap and cried and cried. We talked about how it felt not fair, we talked about how it hurt his feelings and then he said "mostly I'm embarrassed." Eventually he said "I hate Donuts for Dads" and I said I know. I reminded him that a lot of kids hate Dad day. That some kids don't live with their dads and their dads never go to these things. Eventually I gave him an out. "You can stay home" because I know when he is emotional he gets sick to his stomach.

What to do?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

crazy twitter...

tracking down an address for hak5darren for Mis taken art and happened across this tweet :

steenbab 1:06 PM CT - US debt at levels above Argentina's at the time of that country's collapse:


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hawaiian Fire Surf School

wrote the AC article and took forever to process for some reason ?

but here it is...

Hawaiian Fire Surf School

goofing off:


Mark providing on land instruction:


I don't have pictures of us up (we did get up) because Susan was taking video.