Thursday, April 30, 2009

more on adsense

so it is 5:22 EST and I rechecked the monetize button just for kicks
page impressions: 45
clicks: 8
page CTR 17.78%
Page eCPM 125.91
earnings: 5.67

(thank you clickers)

so... I think I'm done with this for now... I'll leave adsense on and at the end of May repost a rundown of how it works out.

Today's Earnings: 5.67

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Page impressionsClicksPage CTRPage eCPM ?Earnings
AdSense for Content45817.78%125.915.67


I am so not a "big league-er" and that is pretty much okay with me... but for the sake of argument/experimentation and "why not" I added adsense to the blog to see what happens.  Last night I wrinkled my nose a bit at the three or four text ads.  The artist within is somewhat offended by the imbalance they create aesthetically but not intolerable.  Today there was a large, moving, add... to the left and right under my post (my post was so cute with the big "pinkalicious" book cover) I was a bit more offended by it.  Oh dear.  Well... we will see how my tolerance goes.  I am interested in giving the whole "adsense" thing a solid try...

so tried to copy the report as of 12:30-ish but it showed up weird.  trying again:
well, it still won't let me do what I want... it is too big and I cannot resize it that I know of anyway. darn - anyway:
page impressions: 8
clicks: 1
earnings:  .84
I laughed out loud, like really, not in a cheesy computer geek speak way but really laughed in and audible real life way.
I did however see a whole article on google ads just a minute ago in Fortune Small Business, so I'll have to recap it for you later on.

Today's Earnings: 0.84

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Page impressionsClicksPage CTRPage eCPM ?Earnings
AdSense for Content8112.50%104.680.84

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Pinkalicious, by Victoria Kann and Elizabeth Kann is all the rage at my house.  "Ava" is in the preschool class that I assist in on Wednesdays.  She was trying to tell us about the book a week ago, with her long blond hair in a ponytail at the top of her head and her little black sunglasses pushed up high, and her three year old stuffy nosed (it IS allergy season) self trying to say "pink-a-licous book" with a head nod for emphasis.  We just needed a fluffy white excuse for canine in a hot pink bag and we had a Hollywood moment...  Anyway... Her lovely mother helped us out later and I decided I needed to check out the book for my very own starlets. also recommends "Purplicious" "Fancy Nancy" "If you give a Cat a Cupcake" and "On the Night You Were Born" for readers who like "Pinkalicious."  I knew I'd scored a hit.  How can you go wrong with "Fancy Nancy?"  
For the record my four year old knows this book by heart now, and can find the word "pink" spelled in almost any text, any font.  She's a quick study and we've read this book A LOT in the past few days.  My thanks to Ava.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Vogue calls him "the godfather"

His name is Steven Meisel and he is beautiful.
Vogue has a spread in which they called what seems to be all the big name models (sorry I haven't paid attention in about 20 years) to come take their picture with Steven Meisel - the photographer who "made" each of them.
I like the article (okay - bits of it. I read in fragmentation) But frankly I wish there were more photographs of him. Seriously, Michelangelo would have spent years carving him as David. Only he is not David - no sheep tending, harp playing karma here. Handle the reigns of Apollo's chariot of fire? Quite possibly.
And to add insult to injury he is not only beautiful he has the most gorgeous hair. Really. The women around him do not stand a chance. I wonder if there are photos of him out there? {I wrote that and then found this one} He seems to be a bit careful about that - the article describes that he works at a photoshoot from behind screens and inside boxes and that the interviewer only conducted phone interviews...
I am fascinated

"the godfather" by Jonathan Van Meter; photographed by Steven Meisel

Vogue Covers Collection
collection at art commerce
check out number sml19971211a017 it reminds me of my favorite painting in the louvre: I forget the artist of course but there is a beautiful male nude in similar pose on the edge of a large rock... ugh, I haven't seen a reproduction of that in years...
{of course I had to go and find it:
Hippolyte Flandrin
Nude Youth Sitting by the Sea
Study of a figure
Oil on canvas}

laundry - gdm it

my mother was here Sunday while we waited for my brother's kids to come play - she did laundry - and then she continued to laundry - and I just went to move laundry over and realized there is a load sitting in there since Sunday (it is only Tuesday) but it didn't drain completely - so it has been sitting in VA humidity IN WATER. smells awful.
why can't people leave the laundry alone?


wake-up around 5:45
make cookies for Bible Study which I won't be attending today
7:00 wake up kids - oatmeal and blueberry breakfast
make lunches
8:00 Am 1st grader picked up for school; 2nd grader & 5th grader on bus
8:55 drop off cookies
9-12 sub at preschool (2 and 3 year olds) take my 2 year old and my 4 year old with me {two year old was very two-ish. lots of tempers and stomping feet}
smile a LOT at helping mom who wants us all to know that she has 4 kids thank you very much and a husband in the military and she has better things to do than be helping mom (so pick a different preschool)
12-1 eat lunch outside at school
1-1:30 buy new shoes. both girls complaining about feet.
2:15 watch 2nd grader in "King Tut" production at school. leave early (after his line)
2:45 pick up first grader and carpool buddy from school. Carpool buddy's mom drives in the am as "arrival time is 8-8:15" the same time as the other kids's morning bus stop.
drop off carpool buddy arrive home with tired two year old.
other kids arrive off bus 5 mintues later

I have breakfast dishes waiting for me, dinner, homework, and laundry (and other basic household chores that will not get attended to today; or tomorrow either if I'm being honest) and apparently my husband sent people from work over around 9 Am. Boy were they greated with a lovely site.

need to follow up with Friday's party hostess
need to find a sitter for Saturday night out with the neighbors (we are feeling special, they are A listers and we never get invited)
and get the info on the two product lines resently launched

and people want to know why I don't paint anymore

I think I need to make more coffee

Monday, April 27, 2009

Langely Air Show - Thunderbirds

flippin tiny because Tim put them all on his computer and then left the state so I stole them off facebook - nice eh?



Thursday, April 23, 2009

Well it is Thursday...

Whew!  Made it to Thursday - my "day off"

Dragon is doing very well at the new school.  He is happy, getting rewards for good behaviors, and has friends.  Monday evening another mother called to see if she could offer Dragon a ride to school. ***YES*** He needs to leave the same time as the bus is to pick up the other two.  I had no idea how I was going to figure that out.  I give her son a ride home on two afternoons (he stays after the other three).
Interestingly the school Dragon now attends is ahead in many areas.  He will be kept busy trying to catch up in math.  I'm pleased, challenges keep the smart ones out of trouble.

Yesterday was a bit insane: the bus was 30 mintues late.  I had forgotten I was snack mother in M-Lyons preschool class so we ran to the pantry to see what we had... cheerios and kashi mixed with 4 surprise m&ms into baggies; the kids seemed happy enough with it.  Home aroud 1, back out to pick up Dragon at 3, other two off the bus at 4, back out with K-Bear and a friend at 4:15.  K's teacher had offered to chaperone a trip to the movies to see "Earth" (newly released by Disney for Earth Day) K & friend were skipping into the theater to buy their own tickets, feeling very grown up and weird.  It was cute.  Friend's mother picked them up and brought them home.

I went home and made Mom's cheese cake recipe and tried desperately to tidy up a bit.  Book Club was meeting at my house at 8:30!!!  I hadn't been home all day, nor the day before, nor the day before.  Laundry all across the couch, vacumming to be done, dishes to be done... yikes.  

Book Club was fun - I really enjoy it.  We are reading "Water for Elephants" and "The Omnivores Dilemma" next.

I'm off to finish chores, look at my May Calendar for Arbonne and finish filling in the holes, catch up on the Queen Esther reading, and eat left over cheese cake.  My mother's recipe is divine.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Racism and Adoption

Racism and Adoption

My sister sent me this link:
Resources for Responding to Racism by Pam Connell 

More from this Blogger30 NOV 2007 05:50 PM

As a thirty-something raised in the Pacific Northwest, I have always known about racism, but seldom witnessed it. I lived a very sheltered childhood, and thirty-some years later still feel a bit of shock whenever I hear of a racist incident: "That happened here? Nowadays? Really?"My daughters Camp Fire group had a member who was adopted from Ethiopia. The mother and I began comparing adoption experiences. I was shocked when she told me her daughter had been experiencing blatant racism at school. Fellow second graders had been taunting her on the playground, "You don't belong here. Go back where you came from." The mother was about to have her second meeting with the principal to discuss the situation. Apparently the principal had drafted a letter to be sent home to parents about topic. I'm not sure whether he was asking the parents to talk to their children or saying that the school had plans to do something. I'm still waiting to hear how it all turned out.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Dragon will change schools Monday

Hip Hip Hooray!
Dragon goes to the new school on Monday.

Despite my regular insanity I got in to a Parent Interview at the preschool on Thursday, dragon aced his academic screening Wed afternoon, and my husband signed the paperwork last night.  I got it to the school this morning and they will be looking for Dragon (and his tuition check) on Monday.  He did a happy dance this afternoon when I told him.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Queen Esther

Three years ago, I stumbled upon a group of women who meet on Tuesdays for Bible Study.  They even provide child care.  The first study I did with them was a Beth Moore Study entitled, "A Woman's Heart" and it saved my marriage and possibly my life.
Currently we are on week 4 of a different Beth Moore Study on Queen Esther entitled "It is tough being a woman".  
This week in the video portion of the study {Beth gives us a talk via video - and then a week's worth of reading} Beth brought up something that just "tickled me" as she she says.
Chapter 4 "And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?" Mordecai says through Hathach to Esther.  And from here Beth skipped to Proverbs 31:10.  There was something in the wording from Mordecai to Esther that prompted that skip but I didn't write it down and cannot remember exactly.  In Proverbs we find "the perfect woman" described - beginning with "A wife of noble charcter who can find? She is worth far more than rubies" but what I LOVE here is that Beth points out that in the Hebrew the words echo those in Judges 6:12 regarding Gideon "The Lord is with you mighty warrior."  I love this.  According to her studies, the Hebrew is referring to "brave" as in brave in battle - so a "noble wife" could be explained as a "brave wife."  This is SO much easier for me to strive for.
I get this.
The martial artist, college rugby player in my really really likes this a whole lot better than the image of someone who is meek and mild and quietly moving around the domicile.
It reminds me of when I was competing regularly in Tae Kwon Do and my husband was on a plane on his way home from an assignment - and talking to whoever was seated next to him.  Some how college sports came up and the other guy had been a hockey player.  My husband expresses that in his mind those guys are plain insane and the guy responds "Actually hockey is after lacrosse and rugby as far as how insane you have to be to play."  My husband laughs, "I don't know, I'm a lacross player and I think hockey is pretty intense.  My wife played rugby."  His neighbor actually answered.  "No sh-t.  What is it like to be married to a woman who is more of a bad-@ss than you?"  My husband never did say what he answered to that question and maybe I don't want to know.  But after all this "in the Hebrew" bit this week, I'm liking Queen Esther a lot.

Kenneth's Grumpy Old Wal Mart Application

hmmm I don't know how to make it fit...
   My husband sent me an email. According to the email a 75 year old man applied to work at Wal Mart and this is his application.  According to the email they hired him because he was funny...

grumpy old guy

Name: Kenneth Way (Grumpy Old Bastard)
Sex: Not lately, but I am looking for the right woman (or at least one that will cooperate)
Desired Position: Company President or Vice President.  But seriously, whatever's available.  If I was in the postition to be picky I wouldn't be here in the first place.

too small!



Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Swirling, Swirling - thoughts swirling around my head

I need to take up journaling again. I cannot hash out all the family laundry in public like this with my real name and everything. yeesh. and even the anonymous blog... I'm terrified someone will find out it is me and there will be hell to pay

But the stuff that I CAN discuss:
Dragon - and school - and attachment - and adoptions gone wrong - and try desperately to fix things
and somehow that ties in with Beth Moore and this Bible Study we are doing on Queen Esther - which is absolutely fascinating by the way -
AND FEAR - which in my case is less fear than rage. They say anger is really fear; and I'm not angry so much as just dealing with RAGE. Where does it come from and how to I get rid of it? And oddly - I keep thinking I have "gotten rid of it" I just act on it out of habit. Which is also disturbing, isn't it?

and I need to run upstairs and tell M-Lyons that bedtime doesn't include whatever monolgue she thinks she is entertaining her brothers with. Yes she has her own room (well she shares it with Bitsy) but she hasn't slept in it. She always goes and sleeps with the boys. What to do? So far Tiger is a sweetheart and lets her but sooner or later he is going to put his foot down, hopefully by then Bitsy will be out of the crib and ready to stay in a bed with M-Lyons. Of course, M-Lyons is 4 and doesnt' stay in a bed so why I think Bitsy will is beyond me.

And so I bought "Beyond Consequences, Logic, and Control" by Heather T Forbes and B. Bryan Post. And we will see if that offers any guidance. And I have applied for Dragon to try a different school - which is interestingly - 40% adoptees. And many of those are international. So perhaps that will take the pressure off the "are you adopted?" situation and maybe even the whole issue with racism against asians that he has been up against at school this year. And of course we've been working through W.I.S.E. Up - which he really likes.

In the meantime, he peed his pants Monday and hid the pants and wore the peed in underwear to bed and then to school today. I smelt him at some point this afternoon. They are stained yellow. So I sent him to shower and change but I DO NOT understand WHY he insists on wearing nasty clothes to school. And he wonders why the kids tease him. And it makes me angry. And so I've got to try to keep my lid on and try to say once again for the millionth time, "please take care of yourself. If you have peed your clothes, bathe and change your clothes." Only I'm supposed to say it calmly. And I'm trying. But I'm tired to death of it.

And all the while wishing to be "real" and have those friendships and feeling like I don't and I'm lonely. Which is silly because I had a lovely talk this afternoon with my good friend Lisa after Bible Study... and told her about taking the kids up to the Richmond Capitol. And her husband is a history buff and really they should go before they move. And talking to her about Dragon and School and "issues" and then Bitsy running about and M-Lyons playing with her daughter.

And I'm thinking I really do want to just put this out there for my blog friends but again, my NAME is on this and my husband has these ridiculous ideas about running for public office in 5 to 10 years and there are other people who stop in and read this who I really don't feel like being honest with... and I really need to change things and get my name off of this. And isn't THAT odd, since when I started, blogging was all about "Social Networking" and branding myself and Arbonne.

Monday, April 13, 2009

a year ago...

I was in the mountains in Colorado and was hit with a bout of strep throat that resulted in a rather serious psoriasis breakout -
I wrote about it:
Guttate Psoriasis
and I took pictures. My husband kept saying "WHY do you want pictures of this?"

But I did because people think I exagerate - that I have one or two ugly spots.
I was in a Bible Study discussion, a Beth Moore Bible Study on the Book of Daniel, and the leader really got on my case when we came to a chapter about self image and I had a hard time with it.


And it is WHY I sell skin care. I never in a million years would have bought skin care at a party. I never went to those parties even. But a friend insisted I try it - and amazingly the stuff doesn't hurt. Even when I am completely broken out I can use this stuff and it doesn't HURT. Do you know HOW major that is for me? It is huge.


Friday, April 10, 2009

W.I.S.E. Up Power Book

It was recently recommended to me by another adoptive mom (Thanks Teresa) that I purchase the W.I.S.E. UP Power Book.


My son Dragon has thanked me each time we've read and discussed it. I've made Bear and Tiger be part of the discussion too. Partly because I want dragon to understand that he is not the only person who fields questions regarding adoption and partly because I want Bear and Tiger to hear Dragon's perspective.

It is an excellent resource. With facts like "there are 5 million adopted persons in the United States of America" it gives information but is also gives them coaching and options for how to handle questions, comments and uncomfortable situations.

I recommend it to anyone.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

you have got to be kidding me...

I received this email:

Cailin --

Just ten weeks into Barack Obama's presidency, partisan voices and leaders like Rush Limbaugh, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, and Indiana Congressman Mike Pence are already trying to turn the American people against him. "I hope the President fails," they're saying.

Trying to tear down the President in order to maintain the status quo is unacceptable -- especially when the need for change is more urgent than ever.

With far-right ideologues in Congress threatening to block or weaken the President's budget in the coming days, we'll need your help to set the record straight about President Obama's economic recovery plan. Show your support by Monday, April 13th -- before the budget fight ends.

Will you make a donation of $25 or more before the Monday deadline?

President Obama faced the same negativity during the election. But in record numbers, folks like you came out and built support in communities across the country. With your support and energy, you said no to the politics of the past.

Now, more than ever, we need your voice and your support again to ensure that the likes of Rush Limbaugh and partisan ideologues in Congress don't succeed.

Whether they're misleading the public about the President's proposals to lower taxes for working families, or bashing his budget without offering specifics of their own in return, these critics have never been interested in a serious debate about turning our economy around.

The federal budget is not just a laundry list of numbers or programs. It's about the lives, the families, and the dreams of every American. With our future at stake this week, we can't afford to get bogged down in petty partisanship.

Before the budget fight draws to a close, please keep this grassroots movement going with a donation of $25 or more:

Thank you for everything,


Mitch Stewart
Organizing for America

and I'm MAD!
I'm mad because it isn't a campaign. It is time to RUN THE COUNTRY!
EVERY PRESIDENT EVER ELECTED had people say negative things about them. But they had to get out there and do their job to the best of their ability anyway.

Why on God's Green Earth do they think the American People should PAY for a campaign for the budget?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


apparently I don't value myself enough

but I think it is weird that people have donation buttons on their blogs. Too what do they want you to donate? To their blogging time? Their random ramblings regarding their day? Seriously?

I have stumbled upon a few blogs that I find valuable, becaues they make me laugh, they connect me to people who I find interesting, they challenge me, or they offer interesting information. Not one of them asks me to donate to them. And on these random blogs that so look like "hey, somebody at some social network marketing lab told me I need a blog so I have one but now what?" have donation buttons. I do not get it.

Have some dignity.
Stop begging unless truly your kids are starving.
Yeah, the market sucks right now. But I just found a part time job, maybe you should too. you know?

Monday, April 6, 2009

I did manage to finish the jacket-

I was moaning about sewing in a previous post. And how I'd cut and begun a jacket for M-Lyons and then decided to line it (idiot) and it was Never getting done.

well - TA DA!

I'm leaving it just a swing style and not bothering with buttons. I butcher button holes. I've never figured them out.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Silly Bunnies

My sister sent me this card:

says, "ew, gross. what did you eat?"

and the inside:

in case you couldn't read it "too many jelly beans is still too many beans"



I missed coffee this morning. Hugely bad. Tim was mean and I'm holding it against him. Maggie fell asleep in the car and Izzy will not fall asleep so the endless preschool chatter/noise/whining is grating on my nerves and now I am whining. I HATE that. I hate whining. I hate whiners. NO WHINING ALOUD.
Okay - I'm better now. I'm making fresh coffee, doing laundry, and kissing kids.
thanks for allowing the rant.