Wednesday, October 28, 2009

H1N1 - Oh Joy!

We kept Dragon home from school Monday. He stayed with his dad and I went and worked at my preschool class. Tuesday I took him to the MD. He tested positive for both H1N1 and for Strep. Double whammy!!! So I called school and said he'd be out for the week per doctor's orders.
We stopped by the pharmacy on the way home and 30 minutes later I got a phone call. The abuterol and amoxicillian went through insurance just fine but there is an issue with the tamiflu. WHAT? The pharmacist is clearly frustrated - they need a two day approval process for the tamiflu but by then it will not do him any good. What do I want her to do? Make it up. "It will run you about $150.00" she says just to make sure I'm clear. Yikes.
I call the insurance. Apparently the doctor needs to call and verify the prescription. Seriously? It isn't like I stole a pad and wrote it myself. But I'm a bit irritated. I mean - have you been in a pediatrician's office this fall? They are swamped. SWAMPED. They do not have time to waste arguing with insurance. But- this is a highly contagious virus right? I cannot really afford not to get this straightened out. And besides, the principal of the thing is, it is insurance and it is supposed to cover prescription drugs. Period. So I call the doctor's office and I get Anne on the phone. I love Anne. I tell Anne my issue and she calls insurance to figure out what their deal is... and then I mention the bottle is going to cost me $150.00 and Anne gets hot. HOT. You can tell she is hollering at who ever is on the other end. Anne gets the doctor and the doctor, the insurance and the pharmacist have a 3 way call going. I end up just buying the darn bottle because by now it has taken hours and my understanding is that we need the Tamiflu to get into his system as soon as possible. INSANE!
It boils down to this. This area is out of liquid tamiflu. So the pharmacists are mixing up solution out of tablets. To do this they end up making an extra teaspoon of the tamiflu. Insurance doesn't want to cover the extra teaspoon. In the meantime they have wasted how much of my day? How much of the staff at the doctors office's day? How much of the pharmacists day?
So we will see. If I have to take another kid to the doctor this week with flu like symptoms I will be making sure the doctor calls the over ride number before I leave the office. But still, that is 15 minutes they could be spending with a patient.
But if you google it you can buy the bottle from Canada for $75.00. Ridiculous!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

one of these days

on of these days I will catch up with myself - and then I will catch up with my dear friends in the blog-o-sphere
it has been a week!
a week of tears. fears. frustrations. betrayals. and the incredible, rock solidness that comes from knowing who you can turn to.
In the midst of it all I have painted two class crafts for the auction, completely cleaned my craft room, and sewn a yellow witch costume because I have been unable to sleep.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Train in concert-

SAP TechEd brings in a band as part of the convention. Last year it was the Black Crows. This year it was Train.
I need to look up who all the band members are - this is not stuff I know - but they were amazing. I am still totally impressed with them.
Imagine - 3,000 computer nerds after two days of "sessions"
sessions are basically classes anywhere from an hour to two hours on upgrades or on other areas of software - SAP covers SO MUCH it is impossible to know it all
people are fried
there is free beer (and other beverages) in the back of the room. Standing bar like tables and some chairs up towards the stage.

Train comes out fired up - they sing two songs and the singer literally stops and looks at the crowd and shakes his head. Everybody is pretty much hanging out in the back of the room ignoring the band. What?
What kind of concert is this?
Well this is only my second concert at one of these conventions but the first was pretty much the same.

I have to hand it to the guy, Pat Mohanan. He was not going down without a fight. He grins and smiles at the small group dancing by the stage. "Hey ladies, come on up here..." and he invites soemthing like six women, mostly with long hair and in tank tops, on stage. Tonight they are the "trainettes" and they are going to sing the chorus and dance with him.
Brilliant. In a room of mostly men, he has grabbed the audience's attention.

The ladies sing their song and dance. That helps get things started and he thanks them with high fives and sends them back off stage.

They played old favorites, new songs, and some covers; Aerosmith and Led Zepplin. He was funny. He made fun of the crowd. Got the crowd singing back to him. The guitarist was amazing and I like Train's music anyway so I had a good time. But the fact that they never gave in and in the end they got the crowd warmed up and having fun: I'm totally impressed with that band.

an unofficial video that reminds me of MY soul sister:

Monday, October 12, 2009

off to PHoenix

I am off to Phoenix Arizona for a SAP convention. Officially called - SAP TECHED '09. {computer stuff my husband does}

so I will catch up with you next week!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Wild Horses

I find this so very upsetting...


New York Times Article by Jim Robbins article 10-8-09 “7 Preserves Envisioned to Manage Wild Horses”

Missoula Independent Article by Erika Fredrickson 10-8-09 “Alone on the Range”

CNS News “Interior Secretary Wants to Move Surplus Population of Wild Horses from West to East at a Cost of $96 Million” 10-9-09

Arizona Daily Star “Grijalva lauds Obama plan on preserves for wild horses” 10-9-09

Washington Post “Salazar Presents Ambitious Plan to Manage Wild Horses” 10-8-09
Since the 1980s, the federal government has hired cowboys to round up some excess horses and place them in holding facilities, where they await adoption by the public. But the adoption rate has slowed along with the economy. In fiscal 2008, the government placed 3,706 horses into private adoption, compared with 5,701 in fiscal 2005.

The number of horses and burros in holding facilities is now about 32,000 -- nearly the same number roaming wild on the range. Meanwhile, the cost to taxpayers for feed and care of the animals in holding facilities keeps climbing. The budget for the wild horse and burro program rose from $39.2 million in fiscal 2007 to more than $50 million last year.

A year ago, officials at the Bureau of Land Management suggested they might turn to euthanasia -- causing an immediate outcry from members of Congress, horse lovers and animal advocates. Madeleine Pickens, the wife of billionaire T. Boone Pickens and a racehorse breeder, jumped into the conflict and announced her intention to buy a ranch and adopt 30,000 horses. She created a nonprofit foundation and a Web site, at, and signed a letter of intent to buy land in northeast Nevada. But her negotiations with the government have sputtered over her request for annual federal stipends to care for the horses and the use of some federal lands for grazing.

Associated Press: “Salazar Wants to Move West’s Wild Horses East” 10-8-09

***NEW POST FROM RT FITCH HERE! “Wild Horse Expert Claims BLM Cheated Wild Horses out of Half Their Habitat”***

I do not understand our need to "meddle"
These horses have long been an icon in our country. WHY round them up? WHY destroy them? So that in 20 years we can try to reintroduce them like we have wolves and bison? Why not just leave them alone???

Thursday, October 8, 2009


A poem by my 11 yr old daughter:

K Yates

English Visions 6

October 8th


I am a bee

A busy busy bee

I hover around the honey tree

I am hard working

I am important

Yet not many people notice me

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

looking forward to color

Fall is such a glorious time of year. THe weather has been teasing us with a few nice crisp days here and there. I am looking forward to trees full of color.

This is a pastel I did from several years ago...

Join us at a SOUTHERN DREAMER for Outdoor Wednesday!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Time Out With THETA-MOM - be jealous!

I couldn't blog Thursday night. Why not? I was out.
At a concert.
Remember those?
Really loud music blaring through you - total selfish absorption in the moment

My husband and I went to Charlottesville VA to watch U2. It was so very fabulous. I have amazingly enough been to only a handful of concerts. For some reason my mother was very anti-concert and truthfully; anti-music when I was in high school and I spent all my college money on paints and skiing. Despite such discouraging beginnings this is my second U2 concert. I saw them in 1993 in Paris. (pooh-bah, yes, I know.)
the set in Scott Stadium on UVA campus.

I need to make a effort to attend more live music venues. I love live music.

There are no pictures of me. I was miserably sick with a head cold (still haven't shaken it) and so look rather unwell...

left is my husband, middle our friend and DataXstream buddy Tim, right my Tae Kwon Do instructor (he's a 4th degree black belt) and now Sales team member at DataXstream, Doug.