Sunday, December 27, 2009

We drive home tomorrow

14 years ago we had our honeymoon in Walt Disney World. My husband's parents sent us. This year we took the family for the Holidays. It was crazy, and crowded, and I smiled almost the entire time.

Yes, the three year old was insane and frustrated but the almost 5 year old was in heaven. HEAVEN! She was thrilled and delighted by all of it. And the older three had a blast as well.

Yay us!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Williamsburg, Decorations

I live near Colonial Williamsburg and I thought I'd share with you the beautiful decorations that they put up every year. Usually there is a parade, and then we have "The Grand Illumination." I seldom go to the Illumination because it is dark and crowded and I have small kids. Seems like a newspaper headline waiting to happen... but on my way to and from preschool I drive through bits and pieces of the historic area and so I see all the greenery and wreaths. This year the parade was canceled. The weather was calling for a lot of rain at temperatures just above freezing. Which doesn't sound too horrible but if you live here or have been here in the winter you may have experienced one of our ice storms. The area has been shut down for days in the past because the ice falls so thick it pulls down wires and cannot be scraped off the roads. So they canceled the parade - too bad - although I am not sure I would have stood there in the rain to watch it!

Often I end up taking all this for granted but I thought it might be fun to share with those of you who haven't been here, or haven't been here in a while.

I dropped Bitsy off at her morning program and the dog and I went for a walk down D.O.G. street (that is Duke of Gloucester but if you went to school here you call it "dog street") It turns out my camera battery needs charging, oh I was mad! But I had my iphone. The pictures are not as good as I had hoped since I couldn't zoom, and the morning light was working against me in a few places but here are a few...
I like the double wreath here. There were a few of these this year. Using apples is very common in Williamsburg, you will also see many pineapples and some limes. On D.O.G. in the historic area is a garden area in which they were selling some decorated wreaths and also some center pieces with candles. Pretty things!

this one is a bit hard to see I am afraid. It was on the door of one of the private residences and I am sure I could have stood on the steps and tried to take the picture but I felt odd doing it... anyway, it is horse tack. The neck piece that a horse who might pull a carriage might wear.
next is from the same house, in the window, in this wreath there are horse shoes around the apples

intersting, many of these are on residences that are private. (I don't know if Colonial Williamsburg owns the buildings and rents them out, or if they are owned by the residents.) I asked one of the costumed interpreters if the residents were provided with decorations and she said no, that they are responsible for their own. But Colonial WIlliamsburg has a "judging" and there are cash prizes. I thought that was kind of fun.

While we were out I stopped by the sheep pen to try to get a good photo but with the iphone I couldn't really. One of the sheep came over to say hello to my dog! I thought that was interesting! I tried to get a photo of them nose to nose through the fence.

It occurred to me that this post was timed just right for "Outdoor Wednesday" over at A Southern Day Dreamer. Check it out, it is fun :-)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

December, Cookies, Nights Out!

This is just going to segway (do you know I can't spell that word so I'm just going to leave it like that) into Theta Mom Thursday so nicely!

Last night was my neighbor's second annual cookie exchange. They invite the girls on the street. Some of these girls I haven't talked to since last year's cookie exchange! Isn't that crazy? But we are all on such busy and such different schedules. One of the Mom's is a teacher, and has 5 kids, the oldest is a senior in High School and the youngest is in 5th grade... and many of the women are working with kids in college or even beyond and a few are retired... and one of the girls is a young'un and just newly pregnant with baby number 3.

Our hostess was my immediate neighbor, Bev. Her house is simply charming. Neat as a pin and with just the right number of country and antique touches but not cluttered or crowded. Its the sort of house you want to have a cup of tea in and read a good book and sit by the fire.

It was great to catch up with all these ladies. All of them leading such interesting and full lives and all interested in gathering and sharing.

This year I made just your traditional gingerbread cookies and iced with with white icing. I like to use peppermint (my gradnmother always made molasses cookies with peppermint icing) but I didn't have any in the cabinet and of course it was a last minute affair! Last year my youngest got into my cookie tin and ate all the cookies (and shared them with the dog!) after the exchange. This time I'm hiding the cookies!