Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Angels, Hula Skirts, Polar Plunge Team Update

It snowed in Virginia Saturday.
In my part of the state that is truly a rare event.
We received inches of snow, inches(!) also a rare event.

Chris, that friend that asked me if I was "in" for the Polar Plunge (I wrote about it a week or so ago here) posted the following on her facebook page on Friday:
Cold, Cold, Cold... 6 inches of snow? Just what we needed to get in the mood for the Polar Plunge... Tomorrow Hula skirts and sleds! I double dog dare you!

Still need more donations. Click the link below.

Special Olympics Virginia - online fundraising made easy for any nonprofit organization - Chris Hoch
Special Olympics is a year-round international program of sports training and athletic competition for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, giving them continuing opportunities to develop...

So of course we did what any mature thirty something year old women would do: First Jamie donned a bikini and a hula skirt and posed in the snow... and then Chris answered... feeling a touch left out (they all live in one neighborhood on the other side of town) I decided to join in the fun:

so in case you were wondering if we were gonna really go through with it... we are practicing...

Note the "X" hat; DataXstream is a team sponsor. Thank you DataXstream!

Members of the Hula Around The World Tour, and my travel group from last January's trip to Hawaii: (yes, that is the above mentioned Jamie and Chris as the 'base' in this pose)

so far we have raised $1,732.26 as a team. Our goal is $2,500.00. We have one more week to raise funds!!!


Much More Than Mommy said...

I'm a FL girl who just experienced my first 30-something degree weather this past month -- so I am sitting here thinking you girls are CRAZY!! :-D But you are crazy for a good cause! Good luck!

The Muse said...


I am Waaaaaaay too old for that...


Molly said...

I'm cold just looking at you!!!! great photos...

Too Many Hats said...

You girls rock!!!! Cannot wait to see pics from the plunge.

The Owl's Closet said...

awesome photos!! omgosh, u must have been freezing!:) thanks again for dropping by my blog. i agree, it's so awesome that heidi and her family walk around like normal peope (sans entourage):D