Friday, April 2, 2010

airplanes and small people

I grew up traveling and while I am sure I wasn't in an airplane more than twice a year it feels like I was. I am an airplane pro... so it struck me funny yesterday that the kids were so excited. But I'd forgotten, I haven't taken my kids on an airplane in 4 years! Bitsy flew from Korea to Japan, to California to Virginia, in 2007 and hasn't been on a plane since. M-Lyons was last on a plane... ummm... I can't remember when!
They were hysterical in the airport. Hyped, way, way up and all over the place. Look mom! at the escalator. Look mom! at the elevator with glass. Look mom! at the the vendors. LOOK MOM! at the candy! Look mom! at the airplanes outside. Next time your preschooler is bored, I highly suggest a trip to the airport.
And then we boarded. 7 of us. If only people had to pay to stare, we could go on another vacation immediately. And then it was 15 minutes of pulling all the magazines and cards and things out of the seat pocket in front of us. And Bitsy kept asking "all done?" and finally we were boarded and pushing back. They did fabulous. I was worried that the one who doesn't like noises would find take-off and landing to be too much but she did just great. Gum was a wonderful distraction. And the ipod. I love my ipod. Bitsy has a stash of self videos and she keeps herself entertained for nearly an hour just looking at them. The kids thought it was so amazing that we got drinks for free - woohoo - and it was still light out so they could see the ground below falling away during take off and growing closer during the approach.
Our second flight came in over a bit of turbulence. It was interesting. At one point you could hear a bit of whining, almost like a whale, as we dipped and bumped, and I could literally feel the pilot controlling the plane. I've never been in turbulence quite like that and I've been in plenty of planes and had plenty of bumpy rides. Funny, the kids were asleep and nobody woke up. We took the shuttle to the hotel and (yay me, I had all the pjs packed into one small bag) got into bed quickly and went right back to sleep. Hopefully the rest of the week goes as well!


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FoxyMoron said...

Lovely post, I could almost see all of their excited little faces.

I was lucky enough to travel with my son and daughters on their first ever plane trip and I sat next to my son, his excitement and delight was a joy to see, and distracted me from my own terror! I hate to fly.
Hope you all have fun!

Meg said...

They slept through turbulence? They're better travellers than i am! Have fun!