Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Basin

Arapahoe Basin is my favorite ski area. It changes just a little each time I visit which makes me sad - like it is getting more main stream and commercial and of course the owners need to be profitable and all that but what I've always loved about it is its bare bones ness. It is a fabulous mountain with fabulous terrain and no fancy hang outs or shops or anything and it attracts a great crowd.
Most of the gang had begged for a day off from skiing so it was just myself, Tim and K-Bear on the mountain. Sadly they've had so much warm weather that the snow from earlier in the week had melted a bit and then frozen so there was lot of 'chop' and what Tim calls 'crud.' I followed Tim and K-Bear to the East Wall but had a hard time on the crud and yanked my right leg around a bit and sat out the last two runs - but was entertained by a lovely Bernese Mountain dog named Porter and his tipsy owner.
It seems in the spring the locals get into 'retro' gear or some sort of thing - there were skiers in shorts, a LOT in spandex, and lots of very 80's colors.

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Amo said...

Skiing in shorts? I can't imagine! I've never been skiing, but I'd love to do it someday. I'm not very coordinated, so it might not exactly be my thing!