Friday, April 9, 2010

Bitsy skis

I haven't had too many pictures out here because Annice and Myon used to read my blog and after last fall I really haven't wanted to provide them with any more access to info about my kids. Go away Annice. Go away Myon.

Every morning when we gear up and head out to ski Bitsy says "Me too ski! Me too!" So today was our "off day." Since we don't ski as often as we'd like we usually ski two days and rest a day. Because of the new snow we skied three days and then took a day off. On our day off we bundled up Bitsy and took her over to Mountain House at Keystone. The older kids used to ski out of this area when they were on the Keystone Ski Team and there is a nice flat area along the bottom where M-Lyons first learned to 'skate' on her skis. It is also closed down, the lifts are not running this week, so very little traffic to deal with.

Bitsy was so excited she couldn't stand herself. "Grandma! Mommy yes ski!" "Grandma! Daddy yes ski!" But it didn't last too long. We buckled her into those ski boots and she started whining "Too big! Too tight!" Yes Bitsy, we know. Ski boots are supposed to be tight otherwise you'll break your knee. And then into the skis. That is always the challenge. You've got these heavy boots on your feet and then we add insult to injury and strap you into slippy boards. She did a little bit of sliding her feet but pretty much wasn't too into it. Tim took her for a short ride and we took them off. And that was Bitsy's first day on skis.

We ended the day with a drive through Breckenridge. Breck is a cool town that goes back to the gold rush days. It was originally a mining town and there are some neat old buildings there. There is also my new FAVORITE store! Magical Scraps boutique and studio, 310 Main St. Breckenridge, CO. They even have a web site! Fabulous fabrics and independent artisans and the entire vibe is amazing.


Amo said...

That first picture is absolutely adorable! Super excited! I've never been skiing, but it looks like fun!

FoxyMoron said...

Little darling she is, and braver than me that's for sure!