Friday, April 23, 2010

Little League is the BEST entertainment

Dragon decided to play baseball this spring.

Actually, the story is: Tiger decided to play baseball. Then Tiger's friend C's dad was asked to coach soccer. He called my husband and they agreed to coach together. As soon as Tiger heard his dad was coaching he switched sports. In the meantime, I had signed up Tiger and Dragon for baseball so I withdrew Tiger but left Dragon's name in. THEN- My husband got a call. They didn't need him to coach after all. Quite a few tears from Tiger but the season had started already...

Last night was Dragon's first game. They are playing machine pitch and that machine shoots the balls at the boys rather fast to be honest. Quite a few swing slow and strike out. Dragon was up to bat second inning and connected on the first pitch! Hit down the first base line.

Dragon just stood there, not sure what to do. Coach is yelling, "run!" parents are clapping, other parents are hollering "go!" "run!" and what not. On the other end, the first baseman isn't sure if he should keep his foot on first base or run and fetch the ball. The other team's parents are hollering "pick it up!" "pitcher- get the ball" Between the two sides everybody is hooting and hollering. Finally Dragon starts to run the first and at the same time the first baseman runs forward to scoop it up and then dashes back to base. Dragon was out at first and continued to be utterly confused. The other side's coach gently headed him back toward his team while his own coach waved him out the pitcher's mound to give him a high 5. The whole thing was really cute.

Getting it all together for that game was a small miracle in itself. My husband has had a presentation due this week, is working at a client, has had two clients call for proposal's and has a trade show coming up in two weeks. Plus baseball isn't really his sport. On Tuesday the coach told me Dragon's glove was too small. I facebook a high school associate who coaches baseball and texted my brother in Texas - WHAT DO I BUY? HELP! My brother texted back. So I walked into Dick's Sports yesterday with my 5 yr old and 3 yr old girls and my phone. The very, very sweet sales guy asked if I was doing okay and I turned around with eyes as big as saucers and said, "clueless!" And handed him the phone with my brother's message. He smiled, showed me around, helped me pick a good beginner glove and bat and even found us baseball pants and a belt. Excellent. We have to take the bat back, 28 is too short. Like 3 inches too short. Dragon is TALL.

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FoxyMoron said...

Gosh he is getting tall! That's a great action shot.