Monday, April 19, 2010

Mad Hatter's Tea!

My 6th grader's English class is something else this year. She is in the gifted program, called "Visions" here. Her class has read; The Pigman, Tom Sawyer, Robinson Crusoe, The Jungle Book, Henry the Fifth and is reading Killer Angels. Each 9 weeks they have to choose a book at 7th grade level or above to read and write a report on; she's read Heidi, Ballet Shoes, The Wizard of Oz and something else. In addition they are learning grammar, parts of speech style and vocabulary. They are working HARD! {all this and she is dyslexic. It takes a very long time to read a book!} And she loves the class. LOVES it. So when the teacher asked parents in March if they would be willing to purchase their student "Alice in Wonderland" as the final book for the year at $6.00 a copy I said yes. I even said I'd buy one for a student whose parent either could not or would not purchase the book. Unfortunately not enough parents said yes and K-Bear was SO BUMMED out about it.

So I said, lets think it over.

And I emailed the teacher and asked how many books were needed. 37. Simple math says 6 x 37 = $222.00. That seemed like a reasonable number to me. So I told my daughter we'd make it happen.

I sent out an email and received a response from the wife of the Director of the Watermen's Museum in Yorktown VA. They would offer us the use of the Carriage House, which seats 49 by order of the Fire Marshal. In addition, the director, Dave Niebuhr, is a balladeer at Colonial Williamsburg and had offered to wear his colonial attire and serve as our Mad Hatter. Brilliant. My daughter suggested a student in her class who enjoys acting, we sent her a message and she replied that she would "love!" to be Alice. And then I called a friend and asked if she would be the Queen of Hearts. She replied, "I was born to be Queen!" We figured if we charged 40 attendees $6.00 each then we'd make $240 and be clear. Just in case we offered a 50/50 raffle.

I spent Saturday baking cupcakes, a batch of chocolate iced in butter cream with sprinkles. A batch of banana iced in cream cheese icing to look like monkeys, a batch of mini strawberry, and red velvet covered in cream cheese icing and coconut. YUM! Other families contributed other goodies.

We raised $264.00 and the winner of our raffle donated their winnings back to the cause bringing us to over $300.00. YAY!


Mónica said...

Great post, Cailin!, i like very much, very interesting and amazing. Hugs and have nice week.

FoxyMoron said...

How wonderful! So inspiring that you made that happen. And that a great example to the kids,both yours and those in your daughter's class.