Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Quick trip to Sarasota Florida

My grandparents have a place in Sarasota, Florida. Actually, it isn't a "place" it is a penthouse apartment on the beach - GORGEOUS!
On Friday I heard that my grandfather was back in the hospital. A few weeks ago he had his leg amputated at the knee due to complications from diabetes. Then he was moved to a facility called "Heartland" that my Aunt describes at "C rated." While there he developed a urinary tract infection and couldn't keep down food. He threw up for 3 days. Being a diabetic, not holding down food is that much more complicated than it is for the rest of us and the rest of us would have been miserable. My grandpa never allows himself to be miserable. Call him the day after open heart surgery, "how are you grandpa?" and he'll say "Never better!" It was a big deal that he was so miserable. So my Aunt fired his doctor, found him a concierge doctor, Dr. Todd.

Dr. Todd immediately moved him out of this Heartland place and back into the hospital to get him stabilized. I talked to him Friday on the phone while he was being admitted back into the hospital. I called my husband up at work and said, "I need to go to Florida." My husband, to his credit, never batted an eyelash. He called me two hours later with flight information.
So Saturday I got to see my Grandpa and my Grandma and my Aunt. Grandma has altheimers, it isn't too advanced yet. She knows who I am, and she knows where her husband is. She has to write everything down and she shouldn't be alone but she is doing okay still.

I haven't been to Sarasota in 10 years. I forgot how lovely it is. Shame I was only down for a day. But I got to walk the beach Sunday morning before we went to Mass. And we had a lovely dinner at the Chart House. And mostly it was just good to see my grandparents and give them hugs.


Mónica said...

Cailin, how are you and your grandpa? hugs for you and your family. Thank you very much for your kind words, i apreciate you.

Jackie at 3littleones said...

I'm sorry to hear about your grandpa - I hope he feels better soon! I totally agree though - Sarasota is gorgeous! When I was a kid I lived about an hour south in Englewood.

FoxyMoron said...

Hope your grandfather is going to be okay.

Carri said...

We live right next door to Sarasota and just went down there this passed weekend. It truly is gorgeous. I am sorry you couldnt go and enjoy it more, but how nice to see your grandparents. We actually just moved to Florida to be closer to my Grandparents. I hope your Grandpa is doing better.