Friday, April 30, 2010

ROK Army Band

last night We took the older three kids to Norfolk, Virginia to see a performance by the Republic of Korea's Army Band. Each Spring, there is a Tattoo held in Virginia and military bands from around the world are invited to attend. The Korean Army attended two (or three) years ago and is attending this year as well. But they also offered a performance, just the Korean Army and no one else, last night. One of the mothers who also adopted a Korean born child through the agency we used is very good about staying abreast of all cultural opportunities. One of her contacts offered us tickets so several families were able to attend. Wow! It was a wonderful, wonderful performance.

As a westerner used to western music some of the notes from the horns took a while to adjust my ears to, however by the end of the concert I was able to enjoy them very much. Visually everything is beautiful. There is so much color and motion. And the drums, wow. The drums were AMAZING. They did a fan dance and then a dance of the "Chrysanthemum" and the honor guard did a gun drill. It was fabulous.

The final number was a traditional Korean song. Much of the audience were Korean American and they all began to sing. It was beautiful to experience this. Afterwards, as we excited, we heard drums again. The performers were making their way outside, doing an improve with the music and the dancers were twirling about. Dragon was a little shy but one of the drummers pulled Tiger into the mix and handed him a drum. The whole thing was so wonderful and celebratory and I am so grateful for the opportunity to have experienced it.

As we left a woman said, "they did a great job." "Yes," I answered. "I am Korean." she said, "And I am very proud of them." She should be proud. It was wonderful.


Xenia said...

Very cool! Sounds like a really fun time!

Debbie said...

That sounds like a wonderful experience and a great thing to take your kids to.