Thursday, May 6, 2010

Badajoz Spain, a few memories

Well that last post got me thinking about Spain a bit.  I was 9 when we moved to the city of Badajoz, Extremadura.  For anybody who isn't too familiar with the geography: get a mental image of Spain.  To the West is Portugal and  to the South is the Straight of Gibraltar.  Badajoz is fairly close to Portugal in the Southern part of the country in the province above Andalucia where Sevilla (Seville) is.  Here is a link regarding Badajoz
I need to find you a map.

Anyway... we moved there when I was 9.  We spent months living in The Hotel Lisboa just across the bridge from the original city of Badajoz.  Eventually we moved to an apartment on a street that I think was called Ramon & Cajal.  It faced the river.  Just outside our apartment was the bridge, and there was actually an ancient stone structure, like a guard tower, adjacent to the bridge and there were city walls.  Wow, I need to find pictures of all of that too...
You have to figure, most strutures in the United States are at most 300 years old.  In Spain there were aquaducts that went back to the Roman Empire.  Totally mind blowing... I played tag in Roman Ruins.  Seriously.  (okay having just read a bit about Badajoz, maybe they weren't Roman Ruins, maybe they were Moorish Ruins.  Some of them did have what looked like catacombs... )

We were there on a military exchange or some such thing.  My dad was working with a Spanish Fighter Squadron of the Spanish Air Force.  Normally when a US military family is sent overseas they are sent to a base operated by US forces.  Dad's US contacts, suprior officers were close to the Navy Base 'Rota,' which was about a 5 hour car ride south (if I remember correctly.)  Rota was not too far from Sevilla and we were able to partake in the "Ferria de Sevilla." twice.  This picture is from the first summer.  The second summer my mother made me a fabulous dress with pink polka dots all over it and I wore that, and danced.  But I only knew the first bit of the dance-

This is one of my favorite photos of my dad.  I have no real idea what he was doing.  Goofing off I think.  I have a vague memory of families from the Squadron spending a day out en el campo, and some one decided this young bull needed practice.  So in they went to practice with this fella.  And that is my dad (Ross E. Mulhare), bull fighting in Spain.

I met my friend Monica while in Spain.  She lived in the same apartment building and went to the same school, although she was a little older.  She is an artist.  She was then too.


Melissa said... in a different country sounds amazing! Although just visiting a different country would be awesome too. Maybe someday I'll get to find out!

Mónica said...

Dear friend Cailin! thanks so much for your warm words and all these memories during your stay in Spain.
I do remember you and your family too in Badajoz. Hugs and good night