Saturday, May 8, 2010

Nine - and a bit of a rant

So I'm breaking with my usual writing and I'm throwing in a total rant- rant- rant- rant as I type away with my cup of hot chocolate and pout.  Last fall I went to see "The Blind Side" in the theater with some girls.  I saw a preview for "Nine."  



I mentioned to my friend that I wanted to see it for my 38th birthday - during Winter Holidays in December.  She and I and our husbands all discussed this at the preschool auction in November.  My husband planned our Disney trip to end the day before my birthday and on my birthday I was pretty much worn out.  No movie.  I tried to arrange with said friend to go see it in January and she said, "oh the guys are in charge of picking the night and arranging babysitting."  hah.  No go.
I emailed my husband this week.  I mentioned that "Nine" was coming out on DVD this week and that I'd like it, maybe for a mother's day present?
I get in from fetching my oldest from her band trip at Kings Dominion this evening and he is in his media room watching previews on Apple T.V.  He shows me that Leap Year or Leap Day or Leap something is out.  I say to him, "you know the waterfall that the ass wouldn't take his wife to see?  Let me show you the waterfall."  (That waterfall and ass bit is from the movie Couples Retreat which we both enjoyed) And I click on the preview for "Nine."  He says, "what is Nine?"  and we watch the preview.  He says "when did this come out?"  At which point I threw the remote at him and left the room.
I guess I will be buying it for myself. 
(And no, it isn't that he doesn't want to see it.  He likes Nicole Kidman.  He likes musicals.  He loved Chicago.  He loved Mulan Rouge.  He sings along with Barbie in the Island Princess for crying out loud!  He simply wasn't listening, at all.  And he doesn't know why I am upset.)

How frustrating, I cannot find an embed code to show you the trailer in case you haven't seen it.  So you'll have to follow the link... here

The day wasn't a total wash though, I got the younger two girls and myself off to the ball park on time. YES! I was to bring the team their snacks and keep the boys organized and in batting order during the game. As that man in the dog house had to work in the AM, Tiger did an excellent job as big brother and keeping track of his sisters while I kept track of Dragon's baseball team. And while our team was fielding the other team hit a foul ball over the fence behind the batter and right to me. I caught it! I'm not a ball player people, it is a stinking big deal that I caught that ball and didn't embarrass myself or my son. And then we marched over to Tiger's soccer game where he scored a goal and made a save. Go Tiger. He is quite the soccer player.

I think I'm going to have another cup of hot chocolate, maybe with schnapps in it, and begin reading "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" which I just borrowed from my friend Gina up the street.


Rebecca said...

Girlfriend I LOVE you muse. You are one hysterical gal and I LOVED visiting your blog.

I needed the big smile as I'm up late working on way tooo much stuff because I didn't plan well for Mother's Day!

I haven't seen NINE yet...if I were there I'd take you! ahahhahahah We could eat cheap candy, drink sugared coke and be happy all the while!

Great post!


Pat said...

I haven't started the "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" yet, but have it and hope to sit down and start reading it soon.

Victoria said...

That was really funny! I guess your hubby needs to be hit over the head with the movie!!!


Hi CailinMarie, I love your name, it is so pretty. Well, I also enjoyed your little "rant" about your husband not listening. This is what I do for myself so I don't have to feel that way ever again. I go out and by myself whatever it is I want and I treat myself very well, I do this quite often. That way when I don't get something I want I'm never disappointed. You need to treat yourself, I find that this works out perfectly for me and then both hubby and I are happy. He couldn't find a card that said for a "Wife" on Mother's Day and was telling me that the day before Mother's Day, we both where laughing about it, but I told him there better be a card on the table when I awake or else, still laughing I went to bed. I woke up Mother's Day and on the table was a paper plate with sweet writings all over it from him. I couldn't have been happier, it was soo funny, and hey, he did what he was told to do. He made me lunch later and served it to me on the same plate, he's a beauty, but I love him! I hope I made you smile today! Thanks for your visit and your kind comment on my "Pink Saturday" memory/photo jar project. I had fun glittering the shells and starfish pink.

Cheryl said...

This was a very good post and an excellent rant, one I can relate to so well. We always do Mother's Day Brunch, and every year my husband asks me where I want to go. I always tell him to surprise me and every year, he forgets to make the reservation because "I didn't tell him where I wanted to go." This year the girls and I took out the newspaper ads for brunches and put them on his pillow, the girls circled the ones they thought would be good. Did he make the reservation? No, he forgot. I tried to be a good sport, but I was seething inside. My teens were furious and Hannah, ended up calling and doing it for him. He was insulted. This happens ever single year, rather passive aggressive on his part, at least that is what I'm starting to think.

Let me know how you like NINE. I wanted to see that too.

Kristin said...

Oh gotta love them. I have been begging for a particular ring for ages. Think I got it for Mother's Day? Nope. He bought me a laptop...not that I'm not grateful...but it's like getting tires for Christmas. HA!