Sunday, May 2, 2010

Girls Day Out

My oldest turns 12 yrs old this week!  OMG!

I just have to sit and stare at that for a minute.

So today, in honor of the up coming birthday, I took her and two friends out for pedicures and manicures and then off to "The Carrot Tree" for a fabulous lunch and desert.  She needed shoes so on the way home we stopped in at Target and found a very cute pair marked down to $10.00 and she and her friends had a fabulous time trying on all sorts of ridiculous heels and wedges and marching up and down the aisle in them.  We headed over to accesories and once again they were oggling over rings and earings and hats.  Mine is a very serious one, always careful not to misbehave, so I wandered away and let her get silly with her friends.  They couldn't get her to over do it though...

Now we are all back at the house and they are in the basement watching "Avatar."


Carri said...

I think that is amazing that you have aised your daughter to be so well behaved. That is definitely difficult in this day and age. Happy 12th Birthday to her.

FoxyMoron said...

What fun! I love to do girlie things with my Em.