Friday, May 28, 2010

last day -

Today was my last day working as the assistant in the Mother's Day Out program in town.  I've spent my Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings in the 2 & 3's class this school year.  My daughter Bitsy is also in the class. At times that was wonderful and at times it was challenging.

Anyway, today was my last day.  I am officially done.  I am glad and I am sad.  I loved my 'kids.'  All of them are so wonderful in so many complicated little two and three year old ways.  E- who is such a large kid I'm the only one who picks him up besides his momma.  Who wants me to write a marker smiley face on his hand for sitting on the potty even though he won't pee and who snuggles and hugs me when I add a heart and say "Miss Cailin loves you."  L- who is smart, articulate and struggling with all the power struggles smart three year olds encounter.  Faced with moving out of her old house and into a new one with mommy because mommy and daddy are divorcing she is quick to tears and anger.  She has been my baby bear for days, sitting in my lap for long hugs.  Another one who wants to be carried and has learned to manipulate her enviornment with her tantrums but knows that I will allow her a few minutes to express her anger and then say "it is time to stop yelling now."  And she listens.  X- who is a sweet darling bundle of a boy.  Who adores his momma and cried with such heartfelt sorrow that first day that it broke my heart until I realized that he adored "Cars."  On the playground he was Lightning McQueen and I was GuidoDisney Pixar Cars Character: Pit Crew Guido and he would race around the playground everyday and holler for a pit stop.  It was our connection and slowly it blossomed into a fabulous friendship.  I was almost in tears when I hugged him goodbye on Wednesday.

Today's class, Friday, is an interesting class.  We have 3 adopted kids that I know of.  One of the other kids has a dad who is working in another state so sometimes she sees him and often she doesn't.  So I brought in The Family Book by Todd Parr.  It is a really cool book, great illustrations and simple direct messaging.  I read while the kids eat snack.  Sometimes they listen, sometimes they don't.  Today they listened intently.  It was such a neat moment.  The head teacher, Miss D. put the book on her wish list for Mother's Day Out.  Every preschool ought to have a copy in my opinion.

There is another book I found myself recommending frequently to parents. It is my favorite parenting book. By Mary Sheedy Kurcinka. I know my sisters would find it amusing that people actually listen to anything I say regarding toddlers, but funny enough, they do. And almost everybody who has ever read this book after I suggested it agrees, it is an amazing perspective.

I have a Bitsy on my lap. She took a late nap today and missed Korean Lessons. So now that I've processed a bit of my last day at school, I'm off to cuddle my Bitsy.

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Melissa said...

Ok, two things:

1. We do have a copy of The Family Book, which is excellent, and every family should own a copy (or at least check it out at the library).

2. I also work with 3 year olds AND another teacher named Miss D.

And there's also the fact that we both have 5 kids. Interesting! hehe

But seriously, those last days of school are bittersweet, right? The kids don't realize how much they touch our lives. I think I learn just as much from them as they do from me.