Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Around the House - Outdoor Wednesday

We spent much of the weekend working around the house.  There was a ditch drainage problem at the top of the yard this spring so over the course of several weeks the boys & Tim have been digging it out and reconstructing it.  They built a retaining wall and boxed it in very nicely.
it is very handy to have a husband with an engineering background who spent his summers working in construction...

I was sent off to Home Depot to purchase plants for the back porch.  We are having a gathering in two weeks and Tim wanted to get it all decorated ;-) although chances are even at 7 in the evening it will be hot and muggy and we'll all stay inside!

So I bought a Container Gardening Magazine and then shopped for things that looked like the pictures!  I had a gift certificate which made it even better.  The only thing was that the porch is well shaded.  It is covered of course but it is also boxed in by the trees outside so it gets very little sun throughout the day.  I did find these pretty blue flowers though that are said to like partial shade to shade - so we'll see how they do.

On Monday we went to my mother's for lunch.  Miss Kathy, mom's good friend who is a bit of an Auntie to me & my kids was there as well.  She brought these charming little buckets and flags for the kids.  Inside the bucket is a plant from Miss Kathy's garden.  The original plant came from Miss Kathy's grandmother's garden!!!


Mumzie said...

Love the draining system...Looks like it will handle lots of rain. Your new pot and plants look great on the porch. Looking forward to seeing more pictures in the future of how they are doing. Oh, don't forget to water with Miracle Grow every few weeks. My baskets do much better when I use it. Yvonne

FoxyMoron said...

It's great that Tim gets out and gets the kids involved.

It all looks so lovely.

anne maskell said...

Hi! You have been busy, and it looks fantastic! Thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog. For the watermelon dress, I used Simplicity #9784. The ruffled pants are included in the pattern. I cut about 2 inches off the length of the dress, and made a ruffle approx 2x the length and sewed it on. For the back, I angled the pattern up from the side seam. You can do it anyway you like, curved, like I did, or straight. Hope this helps. I'm not that great at explaining things!

Amo said...

The drainage wall looks great! I have no idea how to garden, but I am starting to get into it. I really think I would like to learn!