Sunday, June 13, 2010

Champagne Saturday

The Bon Bon Rose Girls have a "Champagne Saturday" link up?  Lovely!  I didn't have champagne this saturday but we did have a wonderful day.

We had friends over to watch the USA Mens Team play England in the World Cup.  One of our friends (and my husband's business partner) is English so we were all wearing USA Jersey and he wore his English jersey.  I am not sure he was pleased with the tye and I hope England is able to forgive Green that fumble... but USA was 'organized' as they say and played well.

Saturday evening we had a lovely cocktail party at our home.  While I had quite a long invite list it is a busy time of year so the party was actually nice and intimate.  6 couples.  We had finger foods catered and I tried a brandy punch (in the new to me punch bowl I'd picked up at the Williamsbug Antique Mall for $30.00)  But I floated pineapple sherbert in the punch and my friend Steven wouldn't taste it- he found the look of the melting sherbert less than appealing.  M- tried it, she likes brandy and said it was good.  M- thank goodness - brought Gin & Tonics and then proceeded to make them for everybody - we had a fully stocked bar but I'm not a cocktail person normally so I didn't know what to make anybody- silly me.  I think that will be my summer goal - learn to make 5 cocktails - well.  And find a good punch recipe.

I think I might start with the Bon Bon Girls Vodka Tonic Slushy - it sounds yummy.

I would also like to let you know that the Bon Bon Girls are hosting a giveaway- really cute Kate Spade ring.  Click here for details


Jingle said...

awesome thoughts and reinfections...
Thank you,
Happy Monday!

FoxyMoron said...

Talking of champagne, champagne cocktail is really easy. Sugar cube in the bottom of a flute glass with a few drops of bitters, splash of brandy then top with cold champers, garnish with a glace cherry on a pick.
Punch sounds nice too.