Thursday, June 3, 2010

It is time for new glasses

I have an eye appointment coming up and so I've been thinking about new glasses.  I was contacted via email from a representative for GlassesUSA and so I popped over to have a look at their eyeglasses.

I wear both prescription glasses and contacts.  I also always wear sunglasses.  My eyes were burned as a child (Sun reflecting off of snow) and they have been unusually sensitive to light ever since.  Later they were burned again as an adult (doctor's poor practice and he should have been sued) and I'm never without sunglasses and a hat these days.

So I popped over to GlassesUSA to see what they had.  There is a really cute pair of glasses called "Harry" that I need to show my son.  I think he may need glasses before too long and he is worried about how he'll look in them.  But these are very cute!

I've never bought glasses online but they have a fun "try it before you buy it" mirror.  It will allow you to upload a photo and virtually try on different styles.

They are offering a blogger mommy discount:
Also, we'd love for you to give your site visitors 10% off their next purchase with us! Simply advertise the code mommy10 and tell your readers to use that code when prompted during their next purchase of prescription glasses.

Thanks GlassesUSA for the opportunity to check you out.


Melissa said...

My hubs bought a pair of glasses online and he loves them. I think the company was They're actually really nice glasses, and he loves them! Sounds like fun that you can try on glasses virtually with Glasses USA too!

FoxyMoron said...

But what about the prescription for the lenses? Are you just buying the frames online?
Easily Confused.

Hillary said...

Foxy,I think I can help you with that. You can either buy the frames with no prescription or GlassesUSA can fill the prescription for you. They often manufacture the lenses themselves. So, as long as you have your prescription (and it's valid) you can order from their site and either insert the prescription yourself, send it via fax or send it as a scanned attachment in an email.