Saturday, June 5, 2010

Treasures that make me think of my Grandmothers & Pink Saturday

In honor of Pink Saturday:

A little trip around the house, and through time.

This pink vase was mother's and when she moved it made its way into my house and here it has stayed.  She doesn't seem to want it back and I use it all the time.  It was my grandmother's "Mama Jo".  It doesn't have any markings on the bottom, or any place else.  My grandmother died in the early 1970s so it is from pre-70s but I've no idea anything else about it.

These are "Madam Alexander Dolls."  My other grandmother "Mama Kay" liked to buy them for us.  I have one rather clear memory of the airport in Las Vegas; it was new at the time I think, and I was little, and there were all these fancy shops and my grandmother was looking at dolls.  It was probably 1977 or so.

Not pink but fun anyway.  This tea pot was my husband's mother's grandmother's.  So my husband's great grandmother.  Granny I think they called her, was from Scotland and liked her afternoon tea.  My husband's grandmother gave this to me several years ago.  My oldest daughter and I googled it for fun.  Circa 1950 a popular style and maker of tea pots.


Too Many Hats said...

I do like that vase. It is so simple, yet has alot of style. I remember going to my Grandma's house (my mom's mom) and playing with my mom's old Madame Alexander dolls. That brough back memories.

Dogmom Diva said...

Hi sweetie, thank you so much for stopping by to say hi! I love Madame Alexander dolls, and your silver teapot is stunning, and how sweet that you have your grandmother's vase, very pretty..I love the few things I have that are meaninful to me!
Have a great day!

Jorgelina said...

Happy pink saturday!!!!!!!!

Debbie said...

I just love things that remind me of my loved ones! It is such a joy to have them to look at every day.