Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Golf Camp

I am likely going to be writing about this camp later this week for associated content.  I'm working on building up a portfolio of uniquely Williamsburg and Williasmburg area writings... but anyway

This week we decided to take advantge of the neighborhood offerings and enrolled the boys in "Golf Camp" which is basically golf lessons & fun intermingled from 8 AM to 12 AM (which seems like a perfect time if, say, you got yourself and 8:10 tee time) Tuesday - Thursday.

M-Lyons heard the boys were headed off to golf and asked to join them.  When we arrived I asked the guys in charge and they said "sure.  let her try a day and if she does okay, bring her back."  They've been really sweet with her.  All the kids carry their golf bags around but the coaches have been helping out M-Lyons because she can't quite get the coordination bit down.  But she's been having a great time.  When I asked everybody upon pick-up at noon today how it went I got an "Awesome!" from Tiger, a "Great!" from Dragon and an "I love golf!" from M-Lyons.  They watched a video about golf rules, played duck duck goose, worked on getting out of the sand pit and hitting targets (a picture of Justin's (coach) face and a trash can served as targets) and were supplemented with water bottles and gatorade and jolly ranchers.

Its been a good experience-

my three golfers, leaving for the day

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Atticmag said...

What a cool idea, golf camp! If I could have attended that as a kid I would have been spared the comment on my first golf outing that I swung the club like a baseball bat. Baseball always was my better sport anyway :D
Thanks for stopping by.
Jane T.

JO said...

my kids went to golf camp the past 3 summer... unfortunately, I didn't make it to this year's registration. :-(

Thanks for visiting my blog -- Buffalo or Zebra and Buffalo or Giraffe

Kristin said...

Awwww, they look so adorable with their golf bags!

Lady Farmer said...

Yikes! Those golf bags are bigger than the kids! I would have been exhausted just hauling those around! :~D Glad the kids thought it was "Great" "Awesome" and that they "Love Golf"! I think it's great that they are outside doing something they enjoy!

Thanks for commenting on my OW post!

FoxyMoron said...

They do look very cute with their golf bags.
But what a GREAT idea, wish we had something like that here.
I would LOVE to learn to play golf, maybe they can give me some tips? ;)

Mumsy said...

My children did the golf camp when they were younger, and they loved it..

eileeninmd said...

Golf camp sounds like a great idea for the kids. they do look cute with their bags.