Friday, July 16, 2010


I am reading "The Elegance of the Hedgehog" by Muriel Barbery.  And I have decided that I need to purchase this book.  It is not a fast read.  There are many references to philosophers and I have read little to none in the realm of philosophy, in addition I notice that I am missing references to previous parts of the book.  A Mr. Ozu has just been introduced and suddenly I am wondering if I am supposed to know who this is?  So poolside, while Bitsy splashes about, I am scanning what I've read already.  To no avail, I do not know if I've been introduced to Ozu or not.  Yes, this seems to be a book to be read more than once.  And so I am going to have to set up a "CailinMarie's books" tab and begin to show off the Amazon links in earnest so as to fund my library.

I've been contemplating the point of my blog.  It has evolved out of what it was when I began, but not really into anything in particular.  But obviously I like my books :-)

I have noticed, however, that through blogging contacts I have rediscovered other elements of myself.  I find myself taking note of details in my home as so many bloggers enjoy showing off cherished items, tablescapes (I set the table beautifully last Thursday simply because it had been a long horrible day and I need a bit of civilization), and thanks to A Femme d"un Certain Age I find myself taking more of an interest in what I look like before stepping out of the house.  What if there is a Tish stateside taking photos of American women at the grocery store (god forbid right?) and there is The Recessionista who keeps me inspired (even if I'm not shopping).  And several others who I just enjoy keeping in touch with and who just make my day on a regular basis.  And interestingly, instead of moving inward and towards my 'virtual' friendships as people often warn against, I find that my blogging buddies inspire me to be more involved in my 'real world.'


Marydon said...

Beautiful thoughts & words ... sometimes we have to just take a step sideways & we see things so differently, don't we. Inspiration comes from so many in this 'b-world'.

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Have a lovely weekend.
TTFN~ Marydon

FoxyMoron said...

I so agree with what you said re fellow bloggers. I find inspiration in every one I read. I have not been reading the past few days and today I did and it helped me so much and gave me the perspective I so desperately needed.