Wednesday, July 14, 2010


what is "Athlete's Wanted" ??

I just saw an add in my sidebar for NCSA Recruiting - well, the add said "Soccer Scholarships" but it took me to NCSA.  And I saw a link for "Athlete's Wanted"
and I am shocked - shocked - that coaches are identifying prospects in 7th grade!  WHAT?
My oldest is going into 7th grade and she wants desperately to be a skier but since we haven't yet moved to the mountains she is looking for something else and interestingly, they don't have a listing for skiers.  But they have water polo? go figure...

(Okay, clarify - she IS a skier.  She raced in 4th grade and placed consistently.  She wants to move to Colorado where she can race a full season again.)
Well, I don't know if my oldest will ever be looking at a scholarship.  I don't know if any of them will be.  But now I am curious to know more about this book and this website.
I haven't pursued it but it says you can set up an athlete's profile for free.  Maybe if you have a competitive athlete you should check it out.

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