Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I had an eye appointment this morning - bright and early at 8:15. I scheduled it at this ridiculous hour so the husband could stay with kids and just be a tad late to work... only it is the week before 'go live' and in the SAP world that means 'insanity' so after working past midnight last night he was up and at bright and early this morning. So... I had the babysitter down the road come. And my appointment was finished up by 8:45 and walking out I realized - "I have no kids and no deadline!" No doubt in a Sex and the City type episode that would have meant coffee out and boutique shopping. Alas I live in the minivan world and a morning without kids meant the grocery store, school supply shopping at Target, a visit to the bank to see what my balance is (bad news there. bummer.) and to Barnes and Noble to spend the gift certificate Lydia's mommy gave me at the end of preschool in May. Yes, I've been hoarding it so I could go into the store BY MYSELF and purchase FOR ME! I had resigned myself to buying a copy of Middlesex because my book club is reading it and the wait at the library is too long but they didn't have a copy in and my Amazon links shows a copy for $10. (Barnes and Noble's was $20) So instead I bought:
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest YAY!!!  You may remember I loved, loved, loved, Stiefg Larsson's "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" and "The Girl who Played with Fire" and I've been salvating waiting for this book.  And now I have it.  Hooray!

And I bought "Artemisia" by Alexandra Lapierre.  I saw it while I was looking for  Larsson on the rack and it caught my eye.
I studied Artemisia Gentileschi at Mount Holyoke. We had a visiting professor who offered a course specifically on her work. Infact, Amazon returned this book by Mary D. Garrard, which we used in the class, when I first ran the name Artemisia. Artemisia is a fascinating artist and I am excited about the to read Ms. Lapierre's book because at first glance she seems someone very interested in art and art history and so this should be very rich. I am torn between discipling myself to finish off the books I have started or just piling the up someplace, ordering the kids pizza for dinner and holing myself up in a corner. I'm really excited!

Thank you Lydia's Mom!


Cheryl said...

Good for you for taking time for yourself! Going to a book store, alone, is one of my favorite ways to spend time. So relaxing and fun. I swear at times it makes me giddy. I'm glad you found some books you like, I'm just starting the series on the one your just finishing. The other one sounds really interesting. All in all, I think you did very well. I bet you came home feeling reenergized.
Love that you did that for yourself. Mommy needs alone time, without the guilt. Pat yourself on the back.

Debbie said...

Go for the pizza and corner:)