Thursday, October 7, 2010

It is a surprise...

So I was dying to blog about it - and I was so pleased with myself that I didn't - just in case.  But since AUGUST I have been planning a party for my husband - we had it on Saturday the 2nd.  He turns 40 this year, and not until November.  But Bitsy's birthday is October 29th, and then there is Halloween, and then his birthday, and then Tiger's Birthday on Nov. 13th... I tend to let his sort of slide by you know?  So I decided for his 40th to have a real party.  

I got his coworkers involved and they helped me spread around evites to all the right people- His college roommate flew in from California even!  And I sent him out golfing with friends which gave me 4 hours in the house with out him!  His parents came and picked up the two little girls - so the older 3 and I ran out for decorations - we kept it simple, balloons and a banner - 

I did hire help to get the house cleaned up to sparkling Friday, and I did have it all catered.  We have soccer practice and field hockey practice and baseball games - there was no way I was getting dinner for 40 people pulled together!  So Florimonte's catered and they are good and reasonable.  And there was a chocolate cake and a carrot cake from the Carrot Tree bakery - uummmm good!  And then - remember I was at the "Beyond Boobs" gala for breast cancer awareness?  I won "Field Musick" in the raffle.  Two fifers and a drummer came to my home dressed in Colonial Attire and played "Yankee Doodle" and "Happy Birthday" half way through my party.  (Friends of Tim's who had just moved to the area came and wer leaving a little early and they ran back into the house "Cailin, there are a bunch of guys dressed in Colonial clothes in your driveway!" she said)  At which point I brought out the cake and we all sang Happy Birthday to our Birthday Boy and he blew out his candles.

It was a fun time.  He saw people from when we were dating, and people that he is just getting to know at work, and neighbors, and friends, and maybe 50 people came through out the evening. 

So Sunday we mostly recovered and cleaned up.  M-Lyons has a new friend from Kindergarten who came over with her dad for a few hours.  Sydney, the daughter, is very cute and fun and she and M-Lyons get along really well.  The dad was also very nice and it was good to all hang out.  I think now I'm okay with letting M-Lyons over or having Sydney over after school.


Marydon said...

How fun & sweet. Happy birthday to everyone.

Have a great weekend.
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

FoxyMoron said...

How wonderful Caillin! I really believe in celebrating milestone birthdays (or any birthdays mine is tomorrow!!) Glad it all went well and Happy 40th to Tim for next month.

Clueless_Mama said...

How fun! I bet your hubby loved it. It looks like you really went all out. Even hired cleaning help:) Good job on surprising the hubby!