Monday, October 25, 2010

Las Vegas, the Venetian

The Venetian, Las Vegas Nevada. 
Inside, these huge, wonderful, leaves, floating as if frozen mid-fall, over this huge atrium.  I am standing on a balcony and directly beneath me is a waterfall surrounded by fall foliage and oversized pumpkins.

There is a "canal" with shops on either side, connecting the Venetian to the Palazzo.  I get confused which building I am in.  

I took this photo outside the Venetian in the morning.  Tim and I got up at 7 or so 'Vegas time for a run.  People were in the Casino going strong.  Girls in evening dresses and four inch heels were stumbling home.  It is all a bit surreal.  

I am forever in awe though, of the design and detail in these buildings.  The knocking down and rebuilding of casino hotels must keep craftsmen and designers in good business in Las Vegas.  The tile work.  The facades.  I find it fascinating.  How much does it cost to build one of these places?

But the shopping is intoxicating and the dining.  Oh- scrumptious.  We did eat at the Tao, but not the night whats-her-name Kardashian had her birthday party there, and in the lounge not the night club.  (Seriously.  I have no idea who these people are or why People Magazine thinks I care.  Actually, since I don't read People Magazine I guess they know I don't care.  But seriously.  Who ARE these people?)  There is a sweet little Mexican place just outside the elevators.  And then there is my favorite: Trattoria Reggiano.  Oh MY!  The food is superb and the staff is wonderful.  We ate there twice in one week and I could eat there every night.  The gentlemen are so fabulous, professional but casual.  You really feel like family.  The wine selection was good (perhaps not fancy but good!)  The pizza was divine, the salad had thin slices of parmesan on top, we had calamari and I had baked ziti and it was all just really yummy, comfy, cozy, good food.

So anyway, that's the Venetian.  

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