Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Las Vegas, The Wynn

I haven't stayed at the Wynn. But I love this building. I love looking at it from the outside, the design, the reflection, the signature across the top... and look at that row of stores. Flagship designer shops- all of them. And the interior is quite something, folds of fabris along the ceilings, and chandeliers, and these riduculous richly colored, richly textured lamps that look like something out of "Alice and Wonderland" and this garden again of fancifal trees and balls larger than my head of flowers and there are twinkly lights...
do you see them?  Chanel, Dior, Louis Veton, Oscar de la Rente, Graff... 

These are over a circular stair case, and outside is a waterfall with a patio and there is dining- I expect to see the Cheshire Cat at any moment.
This is taken looking up, at the 'tree' over my head with the large floral ball.  On the floor are mosaics of a vine with flowers set against ivory colored tile.

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Maria Berg said...

I have onec been to Vegas and would love to go back it was 1993 if I do remeber rigth.
So fun to go around and look at all the buildings, MB