Friday, October 29, 2010

Life Points

I was trying to explain to my eight year old - well I guess he was seven at the time - about my energy level and that I run out and I found myself saying:

you know how when you are playing an XBox game and you have life points?  and at first, we have lots of life points so if your guy gets destroyed its okay because you have another one?  and then, you get down to your last one and you will do anything to stay alive to get to the next level?

yeah, says my boy

well, I start off the day with 4 life points if I get a good night sleep.  Sometimes somebody is sick so I only have 3 life points.  And usually by lunch time your preschool aged sister has used up 2- and so by the time you get off the bus sometimes I'm down to one...

it was like a light bulb went off in my son's head.  He looked at me and nodded seriously.  The next day he got off the bus and instead of hollering and running through the house he simply gave me a hug and looked at me with big black eyes and said, "hey mom.  how are your life points?"
I smiled and said "getting low.  thanks for asking."
"How about I give you a power pack," he said with a smile.
a power pack?
"I'll take the two little ones outside to play for a while so you can get something done in quiet."

wow.  God Bless that kid.

It has been a busy day.  Fridays are never ending because my kids have a standing date to watch "The Clone Wars" with their buddies.  I just looked at my now 8 year old and said, "alright kiddo.  Mom is running out of life points and needs to get to bed."  He downed his water, gave me a quick hug and said "have a good sleep" and took off for his bedroom.

Life Points - he totally gets it.


delia hornbook said...

Wow thats a great way to explain it to a child bless his little cotton socks what a smashing thoughtful little lad. My boys are 10 and 13 and xbox mad to, i may have to use that one myself, i love it. Dee ;-)

Susan said...

I love the insights of our kids! What a super-duper son! Life points is such a great explanation and metaphor, too!