Friday, October 29, 2010

My baby is 4!

Bitsy turned 4 today!
and so it was a busy, busy, day.
Per Eitelbach tradition we had homemade (yes from scratch- no bisquik in this house!) waffles with ice cream and we did frozen blueberries instead of strawberries (mymother AWLAYS did strawberries)
and presents- we open presents at breakfast.  It is the ABSOLUTE best way to start your birthday- and my mother always comes over.

and then we went to preschool- and participated in the Halloween parade.  There is a little shopping center near our pre-school and they give out candy to the kids.  So cute!

AND THEN! We made a spaghetti casserole and potatoes to take to Great Grandma's house.  Great Grandma, and also Grandma & Papa, want to be a part of birthdays too but this week has been too busy to have them here- so I said we'd go there.  Bitsy wanted orange cake, so I made a basic white cake with orange peel and a bit of orange juice and then 1/2 butter cream 1/2 cream cheese chocolate icing.  Lucious.

And when we got there- with dinner and cake in hand- we found out that great grandpa was in the hospital.  No one told us!  They decided it would be better for grandma to have the distraction- it was a bit of a circus.

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delia hornbook said...

Aww i hope your granddad will be ok. sounds like a lovely happy birthday was had. Dee ;-)