Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Mama's laughing at me 'cause I brought home soap

So, I've been writing bits and pieces about last week in Las Vegas at the Venetian-

And here I am, a wanna be fashionista (I had aspirations of going to design school when I was in high school) surrounded by all these amazing shops and the shop I get excited about is:

Basin White at

It is a soap store.  Really.  And I love it!  I found it one Tuesday.  I had gotten up early to hear the opening remarks at the conference (quite good really) and been to two seminars, and done my time on "the floor" (I hate the floor.  You stand out by your booth and talk to people.  The few people who actually want to talk to us I can't talk to because I can't talk technically about anything, and the rest of them just want to collect freebees.  Our freebees were golf tees, and if you talked to someone a water bottle stuffed with a golf towel and golf balls, both with our logo.)  Anyway, it was Tuesday night and I was FRIED and I was supposed to be at Demo Jam but I was FRIED- so I wandered around the canal shops instead.

And I found this:

Okay, can you see?  It is a bar of soap with little black bats in front of a full moon, it smells citrus almost lime-ish, sweet but a tiny bit tangy too.  Delightful.  So I bought two, one for the guest bathroom and one for the bathroom the kids share.  My kids loved it!
Here is the link to bat soap

and who can resist a little Rudolph at Christmas?

and I bought a lovely blue soap, sort of turquoise blue (my girls love turquoise) filled with little white tree shapes.  So Rudolph will go in the guest bathroom for Christmas and the Trees will go in the kid's bathroom.

And I bought a gorgeous Lilac soap because it reminded me of my mother, cutting white Lilacs in Cape Cod and taking them home to put into a blue ceramic pitcher that I think my Aunt Chris made-

I gave my mother her Lilac soap and we were laughing: other people go to Las Vegas and come home with glitz and bling or a high fashion label.  I come home with soap!


Clueless_Mama said...

That is kind of funny, but I would probably do the same thing. I so love anything that smells nice or is for body, face and/or hair. I bet your mom liked her soap:) Thanks for the links to check it out.

Mónica said...

Hello Cailin!! i like very much these soaps, specially the first. Hugs and kind regards.

FoxyMoron said...

Lovely soaps Caillin, the batty one will be nice for your Halloween.


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