Monday, November 8, 2010

Dyslexia doens't go away

My brilliant, really brilliant 12 year old had a tough morning.
Her field hockey team ended the season with a get together and they tie-dyed team t shirts.  This morning she hurriedly wrote:
Berkley Feild Hockey #2 in permanent ink on the back of her shirt.

My husband and I exchanged a quick glance and agreed you don't let a 7th grader in advanced classes walk out of the house like that.

We tried to explain that it was Berkeley and could she squeeze an 'e' in there?  I didn't bring up Field instead of Feild.  And then she squeezed the 'e' in the wrong place and ruined in the shirt entirely.
So she went off to school in tears.  I offered to help her turn the shirt into a cinch sac over the holiday break and she could use it to carry her gear next year on the field hockey team.  She thought that was cool.

But there is a side of me that wants to shake her too.  She knows she cannot spell to save her life.  Why didn't she get it double checked before she wrote on a shirt in permanent ink?

Dyslexia is such a challenge.


natalee said...

you are such a creative mom.... turning it into a cinch sack.. is GREAT!! I would have never thought of it!!!

FoxyMoron said...

Poor little darling. My Em can't spell either but they don't seem to care much about it these days at school, not like they did when I was her age.
What is a cinch sack? Must look that up. Good on you for turning it into a positive.