Tuesday, December 7, 2010

flat tire

That kind of day.

I wanted to get out to pick up a table I bought at the Williamsburg Antique Mall yesterday. Headed out - intending to drop off somethings by the D.A.V. Thrift store and then fetch the table - and noticed the warning light was on in the car because my air pressure was low in the tires. Actually - it has BEEN on - but I just felt like I probably needed to handle it. So - I stopped at the gas station, filled up the gas tank and started filling up tires- last tire I notice doesn't have a cap. As soon as I go to add air to it it starts spewing air out. CRAP! It is cold today. My little girl is with me. I do not want to get stuck - so I quick hop in the car and drive home (maybe 2 miles more likely 1 and a quarter) watching the pressure gage drop. It hits 20 PSI and tells me I am on "run flat" not to exceed 50 mph. NO worries, I'm doing 20.
I get home. Get little girl inside and go find the jack.

I get my minivan jacked up. Find the wrench in the back of the car. Give it a good try. Really. Stop and think, righty tighty lefty loosey - I AM turning left. Won't budge. Crud.

So... digging through the phone book I see Skimino Enterprises.
Give 'em a call. He'll be out, 30 minutes or less. Whew!

In the mean time I go hunting for the spare. I can't find the manual. Seriously? I blaming that on the husband. So I call my Honda dealer's service department. "Hi I have a real bimbo question for you, and I'm sorry about that. I can't find my manual and I am looking for my spare tire." He gets a tiny bit of a chuckle out when I say "bimbo question" but is very professional otherwise.

Its supposed to be under the car. Well he got that wrong. It isn't and there isn't anyplace for it to be. So...
Gentleman from Skimino arrives and he so is a gentleman. Very professional and yet kinda sweet too. Helps me look for the spare. We find where it should be - it should be inside the car behind the front two seats. But it isn't there.

Okay, I'm blaming the husband for that too.

So the guys at work were to stop by to check the new inter office messaging system to make sure people can reach me at home - I ask them to take the tire to the tire place. My father-in-law is headed to my house later - I'll ask him to pick it up.

and where is the husband? Out Skiing! Not cool.

And because I find it matters more and more to be able to google a name, especially for a small independent business:

If you are in the Williamsburg James City County Area and need road side assistance I recommend Skimino Enterprises. They were quick, friendly, and very reasonably priced.


JJ said...

The heck with roadside assistance. I want to meet your husband!

CailinMarie said...

oh JJ! whatever for?

FoxyMoron said...

You're braver than me, I would have called roadside assistance first and got them to change the tyre! Iknow how to do it, I just pretend I don't. ;0

delia hornbook said...

Wow well done you, i don't drive but i know for a fact i couldn't change a tear to. You go girl ;-)) Dee x

Kristin said...

Ugh...I'm 32 and still have no idea how to change a tire.