Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Google Adsense

Yesterday I took my first google check to the bank.

so I had to go look it up - when I activated google ads on my blog.  It was April.  April 30th.  So counting from May - its been 7 months.  And in 7 months I have earned my first check. (google cuts a check at $100.00)  So... Can I make a living?  Ummm no.  But as far as catching a couple cents here and there for doing something I'm pretty much going to do anyway... its kind of cool.

An extra hundred bucks, just in time for Christmas.  Or as my somewhat cynical husband said, "just in time for Uncle Sam to take it all away." Way to ruin a moment honey.


delia hornbook said...

well done. How does that work then? i have seen the link but im a little unsure. Do they just pay you for adding advertising links on your blog? And there no cost to you? Dee x

Terry said...

Congratulations !
I'm with you this is $100.00 you did not have before and just in time for Christmas too .
Totally cool :)
Until next time
Happy Trails