Thursday, December 2, 2010

Parent Reviewers Directory Button

I am taking down my Parent Reviewers Directory Button.

They offered me the opportunity to do two reviews, one on pc protection, I run a mac, and one on closet organizers.  I wasn't interested in closet organizers and didn't think I could write a good or interesting or timely review.

Since then I haven't been offered anything, for what seems like months.

I know there are bloggers who love it and it was worth a try.  So it appears it just isn't my thing.

I am open to reviewing products though.

Like, um Adidas.  I love your running shoes.  So if you wanted to send me a new pair to try out... or Simple Shoes.  Hello!
Do you guys know about simple shoes?  CUTE! eco friendly shoes!  Like organic cotton and biodegradable components and recycled car tire bottoms... yeah.  I'd like to try out simple shoes.  My 12 yr old had a pair last year we bought on a crazy sale $14.00 or something.  REALLY REALLY cute!
or Orvis... those $200.00 dog beds look amazing.  Even though I just bought the dog a "nest" bed you had marked down and it looks like a luxury bean bag and my kids want it, I'd be happy to review a therapeutic bolster bed.  I'll try it for a night and then maybe I'll let the dog have it.  Athletica, I'd be really happy to review some of your clothes, outdoor wear, yoga wear, actually just about anything in your catalog!  Kids clothes, adult clothes, shoes, backpacks, lunch boxes, cameras, dog products, coffee, I mean there is a whole world or products out there, surely some one wants my input! :-)

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