Monday, December 20, 2010

Regarding Senator Sanders and President Obama

Bernie Sanders Puts Barack Obama to Shame

This article was written by Matt Taibbi for "Rolling Stone" December 15th - and I happened upon it in JJ's side bar over at the Disconnected Writer and I wanted to share it.

I'm a little out of the loop on the whole budget thing.  But I get that President Obama (who incidentally I did not vote for) ran loud and clear on his desire to rescind Bush tax cuts (which were temporary) and he cut a deal - or maybe deals - and allowed them to be extended.  I caught the end of Senator Sanders's filibuster on T.V.  he was still going strong voicing his opinion and reading letters he had received.  One cannot help but respect him.

In the meantime CBS has people on T.V. tonight saying that the largest 15 states's debt is so difficult to assess that they expect to see issues in the Municipal Bond Market by this spring.  And Governor's in many states are said to be watching Governor Chris Christie of NJ take on the state government labor unions regarding benefits.  He said "I don't have a pension.  I have a 401K and some stock options.  I can't believe people are still getting pensions."

hmm - interesting.

I do have to say, I do not see how we could pay our teachers any less - but then I don't believe Virginia's teachers have a union, but I could be wrong.  I don't know if the VEA is a professional organization or a union-  The VEA website does say that thee VEA will fight for 3-percent pay increase for school employees.  How are they going to do that?!?


JJ said...

CailinMarie: I didn't vote for the president either.

Rolling Stone magazine appears on my website for only one reason. I am currently teaching a writing course in Pop Culture, and the magazine, which is accessible to my students, demonstrates the feelings, beliefs, symbols, and attitudes of pop culture journalists who remain outside the mainstream. I do believe in showing my students both sides so they can learn to make up their own minds. Mike Taibbi is one I cannot stand to read. If he ever backs up one of his stories with a fact rather than a radical opinion, I will be shocked. In any event, I usually keep politics off my blog because I would rather focus on writing than watching the country I love take a dive based on political ideology that cannot be sustained. Blind adherence to an ideology, such as Mike Taibbi preaches, is dangerous, in my opinion.

On the VEA, I believe it is a union. Also, I am pretty sure the NEA has its teeth in Virginia's education system. Too bad.

As for the budget, it is quite simple. If an item costs $11.00 and you have $10.00, you can't afford it. If the item costs $9.00 and you have $10.00, you can afford it.

Please let me know where I have gone wrong. I am always learning.

CailinMarie said...

Hi JJ-
Sorry - I wasn't trying to implicate you in any way other than to identify how I found the article - left over habits from an English teacher who loved to know the source :-)

As I don't know Mike Taibbi's writing I can't say anything to your comment there - other than I do think it is interesting when someone runs loudly on a platform and then they don't do a very good job explaining why they didn't follow through. And I caught wind of Senator Sanders on twitter and did watch and he was rather impressive.

I think politics is interesting to watch - like a puzzle - but I have to be careful because I don't spend enough time watching to have a well informed opinion.

YEs - budgets. As it is difficult enough to reach concensus in this two adult household regarding what needs to be cut and what does not I am glad I am not personally responsible for that decision anywhere else.

Regarding "gone wrong" I couldn't say. Again - I only mentioned your blog as a note to how I stumbled upon the article as I don't read Rolling Stone.

JJ said...

CailinMarie: It is I who should apologize for my rant. I did not make myself clear. In fact, I just realized after re-reading my post that I was referring to the object of my wrath as "Mike," instead of Matt, which means I was thinking with rage, not reason.

Since I have been reading Rolling Stone in connection with my pop culture course, I have had the displeasure of reading articles that are no more than crazy opinions with no substance. Like you, as an English teacher I appreciate sources. I am not stating that everything the magazine publishes is without merit. Nevertheless, I cite the Taibbi article in the September issue of the magazine as an example. The article deals with the BP oil spill. Certainly no one in the USA is thrilled with BP, but way out radical left-wing personal opinions (with obscenties thrown in to impress the younger generation) do not constitute jounalism.

As I read your blog, I like it more and more. I did not take anything you said personally, and I actually did appreciate the reference. Thanks for caring.