Friday, July 30, 2010

Pink Saturday in Colonial Williamsburg

This week I took the kids into Colonial Williamsburg to see some of the Revolutionary City stories.  Basically costumed interpreters tell bits and pieces of the stories from the American Revolution that were happening in and around Williamsburg Virginia.

We found some lovely pinks to share:

A young lady teaches the crowd to curtsey politely.

Gathering by the Capitol to listen to the Governor.  

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Colonial Williamsburg & Revolutionary City

I took the older three kids into CW (Colonial Williamsburg) yesterday to get our "good neighbor passes" which are issued to residents for the year, $10.00 for grown ups and kids are free.  Excellent good deal!  We went in later in the day and CW pretty closes up at 5 PM but there were tours at the Peyton Randolph house and as we didn't have preschoolers I wanted to go.  I've never been inside that house.  First off, it is the original building 1717, which if you are reading this blog and you are say, European, is nothing much but an original building in the United States dating back to 1717 is a big deal. *grin* anyway.

On top of that, I've never heard of Peyton Randolph.  Now if you are a Colonial History buff, please forgive me.  But I had no idea who he is.  Turns out he was a member of the House of Burgesses and the Continental Congress.  Again, please forgive me, I'm still a bit vague on what the gentlemen in the House of Burgesses did and who exactly the Contintal Congress was.  My only excuse is that we moved around so much maybe I missed out on some early American history some where?  Who knows.

Back to Peyton Randolph.  The interpreters at the house will go so far as to say that if Mr. Randolph had not died in 1775 of what is believed to have been a stroke, he would have been known as the Founding Father today.  Interesting.  His brother was a loyalist and went back to England.
There are a vareity of sources that google provides for Peyton Randolph, the following is from Colonial Williamsburg's :
If his friend George Washington succeeded him as America’s patriarch, Randolph nevertheless did as much as any Virginian to bring the new nation into the world. He presided over every important Virginia assembly in the years leading to the Revolution, was among the first of the colony's great men to oppose the Stamp Act, chaired the first meeting of the delegates of 13 colonies at Philadelphia in 1774, and chaired the second in 1775.

Today I took all 5 in around 10 AM and we walked to the Coffee House that has been built down by the Capitol.  It wasn't there when I was in High School.  They did some archeological work, moved the house that was there, and built this Coffee House where they believe many of the discussions were held regarding things like the Stamp Tax.  Anyway, today they had a whole list of things going on as part of "Revolutionary City" program.  There were some gentlemen from the time period arguing in the street, and they had a few things to say when the tax collector arrived.  And one of the slaves was telling another slave about Patrick Henry and so on.

And there was the Governor speaking to the people from the Capitol.

As part of our summer project the kids and I have been trying to read a bit of fiction and non fiction that gives context to some of the names and places.  In my experience it is easier to remember history if you combine as many different elements as possible.  So K-Bear has been reading a series about Annie Henry, Patrick Henry's daughter.  Dragon read a book about a Fifer.  Tiger read a Revolution on Wednesday which is a Magical Tree House book and comes with a reference manual.  We also read about the "Turtle."  And listened to "George Washington Spy Master" on audio.  

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Book Club last week - The Elegance of the Hedgehog

So we went to Crisse's house which has this fabulous interior; artsy but you see the emphasis on architecture and line, little to no clutter, appreciation for color, very comfortable, And She made Sangria and had it in a lovely ceramic pitcher that reminded me of Spain.

So the book. We actually talked about the book for once and still managed a fair amount of catching up and gossip anyway. Susan was off at Mt. Vernon being Martha Washington, S- was at the beach, and at the last minute Jane couldn't make it. But Crisse, M., Lisa and Jen and myself were there and it was really nice. So the book. We all thought it was so hopeful (except Lisa who hasn't finished it) until Jen said she hated it because Renee was punished just like her sister and was killed for stepping out of line. I hadn't thought of it like that and neither had M or Crisse. So we pondered that a minute but we still felt that in general it was a hopeful book but I haven't quite sorted it out now after hearing Jen emphatically argue that it was not.

I said the book made me think of Robert Herbert, an art history professor at Mount Holyoke that I was lucky enough to have a class with. Crisse has a background in art history and she knew the name. Anyway, he was/is a socialist I believe and I remember thinking then I had no knowledge of socialism and so I was flustered trying to write about Pissarro without that knowledge.

He wrote this book:

And so this book brought to mind that feeling of lacking any background in any real "ism" and a need to fix that. So I'm off to browse "Socialism"

And also- Muriel Barbery brings up Russian literature as a predominate theme.  I read Anna Karenina in college because I felt like I should.  I enjoyed it.  I read Crime and Punishment at some point but I don't remember if I read it for class (maybe Senior Lit?) or if I read it after finding it on my sister's bookshelf.  I think I read it for class because I remember things like "yellow as a theme" which I would not have picked up on if I'd read it for pleasure.  And so that was Dostoevsky and Tolstoy but it seems like there ought to be others.  I mean, if this Renee so loved Russian Lit. shouldn't she have known of more than two books?  But again, this tapped into a desire to reread those books and maybe others and explore other Russian authors from the period.  And then I was hanging up laundry and thinking about college and these classes and remembering times when I would get lost in the stacks looking at books.  There was one book on the Ballet Russe which I adored.  It had all these wonderful drawings by Leon Bakst- really fanciful costumes that were just so wonderful!  

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Paloma's Pink Quote for Pink Saturday

"I love pink, I think it's a color that's had a bad rap, it's made out to be a thing for babies or women who wear too much makeup, but pink is really a subtle and delicate color, and it figures a lot in Japanese poetry."

I found that quote while finishing The Elegance of the Hedgehog for book club this week.

I really liked it.

watercolor pencil on paper 2004

I'm joining Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for her Pink Saturday blog link up.  Come and join us!  You'll meet a wonderful variety of "pinkies"

Friday, July 23, 2010

Because sometimes you just need a picture (or a drink)

I was chopping onions.  There was a scream...
She followed the dog into the swampy part of our back yard , and then she fell.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


On Saturday I took the kids (minus Tiger - he was at my mother's) to Bush Neck Farms to pick blueberries. Ah! It was such the zen experience. REALLY! The farm is at the end of Bush Neck Road and the house (a very modest farm house) overlooks the river. So in the blueberry bushes you can't see the river, but you can hear the birds and all those swamp type noises... it was so peaceful. Even with 4 kids it was peaceful. Bitsy would eat twice as many as she put in her bucket which had us all thinking of Blueberries for Sal and M-Lyons kept saying "we'll can them for next winter" which is from the story too.

We picked 12 pounds of blueberries, came home and I made a blueberry crisp (decided not to bother with pie crust though I'm sure if I went digging through Mary's blog I'd find a good one) and canned a batch. YUM!  I used the recipe I found here.

Today I took the rest to make jelly. The recipe called for two quarts - can you believe we were down to one? 12 pounds!!!

I found this recipe for jelly but let me tell you, after cooking up the blueberries, I didn't have a jelly bag and on line people were discussing the merits of a jelly bag verses a pillow case. Well, I didn't really have a pillow case either so I found an undershirt with holes in it. It is taking HOURS to drain...

It is BLUE MONDAY and I'm linking this post to Smiling Sally and her Blue Monday
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Bush Neck Farms:

BUSH NECK FARM David and Marsha Brown 1502 Bush Neck Road, Williamsburg, VA 23188 (757) 258-0114
Directions: About 7 miles west of Williamsburg. At Lightfoot, next to the Outlet Mall, turn down Centerville Road, which is Route 614. Go 4.3 miles to Route 633, Jolly Pond Road. This road becomes Bush Neck Road, which deadends at the farm. Hours: 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Saturday, mid April - mid November.
Special Comments: School tours May-November. Picnic area. Products: Pick-your-own apples, blueberries, asparagus, sweet corn, peaches, pumpkins.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

"Pink" by my 5 year old

On Saturday Beverely at How Sweet The Sound hosts a Pink Linkup Party.  We'd love for you to stop by and join the fun!

It is Pink Saturday!  I have been enjoying Pink Saturdays so much that my kids have gotten in on the act-

"Pink is very pretty and is also a ballet color and could be on any kind of dress, or pants or shirt.
Pink can be on your nails because there is different kinds of colored nail polish.  I really love pink.
Pink makes me feel like a Princess, and I have tea with my mommy and my Nana, and I have pink tea.
Pink tastes like strawberries and also I really love strawberries.  And also I really love chocolate, but chocolate is brown."  M-Lyons is 5.

this is M-Lyons a few years ago...

Friday, July 16, 2010


I am reading "The Elegance of the Hedgehog" by Muriel Barbery.  And I have decided that I need to purchase this book.  It is not a fast read.  There are many references to philosophers and I have read little to none in the realm of philosophy, in addition I notice that I am missing references to previous parts of the book.  A Mr. Ozu has just been introduced and suddenly I am wondering if I am supposed to know who this is?  So poolside, while Bitsy splashes about, I am scanning what I've read already.  To no avail, I do not know if I've been introduced to Ozu or not.  Yes, this seems to be a book to be read more than once.  And so I am going to have to set up a "CailinMarie's books" tab and begin to show off the Amazon links in earnest so as to fund my library.

I've been contemplating the point of my blog.  It has evolved out of what it was when I began, but not really into anything in particular.  But obviously I like my books :-)

I have noticed, however, that through blogging contacts I have rediscovered other elements of myself.  I find myself taking note of details in my home as so many bloggers enjoy showing off cherished items, tablescapes (I set the table beautifully last Thursday simply because it had been a long horrible day and I need a bit of civilization), and thanks to A Femme d"un Certain Age I find myself taking more of an interest in what I look like before stepping out of the house.  What if there is a Tish stateside taking photos of American women at the grocery store (god forbid right?) and there is The Recessionista who keeps me inspired (even if I'm not shopping).  And several others who I just enjoy keeping in touch with and who just make my day on a regular basis.  And interestingly, instead of moving inward and towards my 'virtual' friendships as people often warn against, I find that my blogging buddies inspire me to be more involved in my 'real world.'

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Promise she won't be like this for ever...

It is the summer of the three year old terror.  TERROR.
She has today... tried to catch the birds twice, run out in the road, found a large knife and attempted to cut herself watermelon while on a tipsy kitchen stool, taken off in the parking lot and tried to get squahed by a truck, howled while walking home because I had a death grip on her hand after the above two incidents, peed in the kitchen?!?, pooped in the kitchen ?!?!?!?!?! and just now thrown her sister's swim goggles into the toilet.  It is only noon.

I cannot even begin to describe the last few weeks with this child.

We have been moving bedrooms around.  The crib is disassembled.  I dearly want it back.  I sympathize with so called monsters who lock children in closets.  I really do.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


what is "Athlete's Wanted" ??

I just saw an add in my sidebar for NCSA Recruiting - well, the add said "Soccer Scholarships" but it took me to NCSA.  And I saw a link for "Athlete's Wanted"
and I am shocked - shocked - that coaches are identifying prospects in 7th grade!  WHAT?
My oldest is going into 7th grade and she wants desperately to be a skier but since we haven't yet moved to the mountains she is looking for something else and interestingly, they don't have a listing for skiers.  But they have water polo? go figure...

(Okay, clarify - she IS a skier.  She raced in 4th grade and placed consistently.  She wants to move to Colorado where she can race a full season again.)
Well, I don't know if my oldest will ever be looking at a scholarship.  I don't know if any of them will be.  But now I am curious to know more about this book and this website.
I haven't pursued it but it says you can set up an athlete's profile for free.  Maybe if you have a competitive athlete you should check it out.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Took an Elbow-

Tiger & K-Bear are attending soccer camp this week with the Virginia Legacy.

From the website:

These advanced weeks of camp are geared towards travel players in the area. Players that attend these camps must play on a travel team that is at least U9. For these weeks of camp, high level of college coaches and USSF and National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) qualified coaches are brought in to instruct the players. Players are trained technically, tactically, physically and mentally throughout the week in a fun and demanding environment. This year the Legacy will host two advanced weeks of camp. One week is during the summer and the second will take place the week before travel training starts and is a great pre-season camp to get you ready for the upcoming Fall season. In the past the Legacy has brought in a former National Team Coach, FC Barcelona(Spain) and Ascoli Calcio (Italy)as well as current college coaches from the area.This year VLSC is looking to bring in the same quality.

This year's soccer camp features :

Pat McStay-VA Legacy DOC, "A" License
Bobby O'Brien-VA Legacy DOC, "A" License
Kevin Doyle-VA Tech Assistant, "A" License
Caleb Hill-Beach FC Head Coach, Former College Player, "D" License
Danny Karbassiyoon-Former player for EPL's Arsenal (guest coach)

Virginia Legacy has been around for a while, my sister used to play for them.  

At pick up this afternoon the kids were receiving autographs from Danny Karbassiyoon - which is very cool - 

and then Tiger showed me his battle scars - took an elbow to the right eye - nice puffy shiner.  This is after getting home and putting it under ice for quite a while-

best thing - he showed it off to his best friend's dad who quickly said to his wife "did one of our boys do that?" Awesome reaction. 

They had a swim meet tonight - you know those goggles felt good on that black eye!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

For Dad

My Dad was born on July 4th and he died on July 11th.  I'm writing this on the 4th with intent to 'post it' on the 11th - I have never been able to let those two days go by without allowing myself some time to acknowledge Dad.

I "borrowed" the above image from the X-Hunters Website

In 2006 my husband and I hiked out into the desert with Peter Merlin of the X-Hunters to locate the site where my father had crashed the F-117A he was flying.  A flag pole had been erected at the site 20 years earlier and I had wanted to see a new flag flying for the 20th anniversary of the fatal crash.

when we hiked into the area, we found the pole with a cows skull on the top.  Somehow, that seemed appropriate for my dad.  It was a peaceful area with a light breeze rustle the dry grass and the occasional bird of prey over head.  But the cows mooing loudly made me laugh despite myself.  I brought that skull home, it adorns my back porch.

fixing the flag pole

new flag

The X-Hunters wrote a book which I think I am going to purchase.  I haven't met Tony but Peter Merlin spouts aeronautical history without effort.  I wasn't sure what I was expecting when he offered to take me out to the site, but I met an intelligent aeronautical history buff with a lot of personality and a degree of nerdiness.  I liked him a lot.  It turns out I'm not the first family member to contact him in regards to a crash site and he has taken many family members to visit crash sites.

periodically I google "Ross Mulhare" and see what comes up... this is a new one via flickr: Ross E Mulhare

I am going to use that blue sky to tie this into Blue Monday with Smiling Sally and Crew.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pink Saturday and I get to be featured!

Beverly at How Sweet the Sound has been hostessing Pink Saturday blogging for I believe two years.  She recently decided to include 'featured participants' and this week I am one of them.  Thank you Beverly!

I thought and thought about what I'd like to share when it was my turn to be featured and I decided I would dig through and share all my favorite pink photo moments.  With all my girls there are ample opportunities for pink moments!

flower girls and ring bearers climbing trees in the church garden, Chatham MA

best soccer uniform ever...

lil' pumpkin

Fancy Nancy Birthday Party

My oldest and my angel puppy

Beverly also requests each week that each of us try to feature another Pink Saturday Blogger on our own blogs and encourge our visitors to stop by.  I will 'fess up.  This is only the second week I've been organized enough and thought far enough ahead... but this week I would like to feature Mary at One Perfect Bite.  If you haven't ever stopped in at Mary's I would love to encourage you to do so.  She shares the most amazing recipes!  And she faithfully visits all her visitors.

Thanks for stopping by!  CailinMarie

Friday, July 9, 2010

M-Lyons has a little friend over. This little one and M-Lyons are on swim team together and are both going to Kindergarten next year so moms have been trying to help them get to know each other.
We baked cupcakes and then after dressing up we put pink lemonade into my little teacups to sit down and enjoy the sweets - Lulu said to M-Lyons

"Ive never drunk out of a tea cup before."

M-Lyons said, "Oh, its easy, you just hold your pinky up"

Too funny

Blue Talon Bistro

Met up with friends last week at the Blue Talon Bistro in Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia- which inspired me to break my hiatus from associated content and try to write: Blue Talon Bistro

It was really nice to be out with two other couples.  Lots of laughing and enjoying one another's company.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Golf Camp

I am likely going to be writing about this camp later this week for associated content.  I'm working on building up a portfolio of uniquely Williamsburg and Williasmburg area writings... but anyway

This week we decided to take advantge of the neighborhood offerings and enrolled the boys in "Golf Camp" which is basically golf lessons & fun intermingled from 8 AM to 12 AM (which seems like a perfect time if, say, you got yourself and 8:10 tee time) Tuesday - Thursday.

M-Lyons heard the boys were headed off to golf and asked to join them.  When we arrived I asked the guys in charge and they said "sure.  let her try a day and if she does okay, bring her back."  They've been really sweet with her.  All the kids carry their golf bags around but the coaches have been helping out M-Lyons because she can't quite get the coordination bit down.  But she's been having a great time.  When I asked everybody upon pick-up at noon today how it went I got an "Awesome!" from Tiger, a "Great!" from Dragon and an "I love golf!" from M-Lyons.  They watched a video about golf rules, played duck duck goose, worked on getting out of the sand pit and hitting targets (a picture of Justin's (coach) face and a trash can served as targets) and were supplemented with water bottles and gatorade and jolly ranchers.

Its been a good experience-

my three golfers, leaving for the day

I'm linking this post to Outdoor Wednesday...

Monday, July 5, 2010

Blue Monday - under the wire

It is 9:30 ESt so this is really pushing it but...

Last night, 4th of July night, I was hit with a sinus (?) headache and crashed early.  Well I tried to... my 3 year old was tucked into bed and my husband had left the house with everybody else to catch the 9:30 fireworks that Busch Gardens was setting off.
One of the bestest benefits of living in my neighborhood is that if you drive to one of the golf courses you get the best view of Busch Gardens 4th of July fireworks!
Well apparently this wasn't quite good enough for my crowd.  I had forgotten that last year coming home from Hilton Head Tim not only stocked up on gas at the gas station but also on small explosive devices... and so after the big show he and his friend Derek and all of our kids were at the top of my driveway setting these babies off.  The favorites are the tanks.  Apparently they set off one final one that my husband called a "mortar" and as it was exploding he was scooping up incriminating evidence and hollering at the kids to run into the house.  Apparently so was Derek.  And so the door opened and slammed and screaming, hollering, kids came flying inside and then down into the basement.
This morning I learned that my husband and his buddy were worried the police were going to show up.  That last one was both high and loud.  Uh-huh.
So guess where they all are tonight?
On "the hill" in the neighborhood watching the fireworks.  Because guess what?  Busch Gardens is doing fireworks nightly until the end of August!

In case you are headed to Williamsburg:

Now through August 22, Busch Gardens Williamsburg is hosting "IllumiNights, a night-time celebration featuring fireworks, live entertainments, and special effects throughout the park. And its absolutely free with admission.

and from the Daily PressBusch Gardens 'IllumiNights'will make up for the heat of the day with a splashy nighttime lineup. The park-wide event adds a parade, large-scale puppet shows and fireworks to its program evenings from now through Aug. 22.

I'm linking up with Smiling Sally and friends for Blue Monday.  And tomorrow when it is light outside, I'll add the photos I need to take...

Tuesday Morning Addition: incriminating evidence by the back door

I promise I had nothing to do with it *really!*

The boys like the tanks the best: